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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Quality has changed?

I came back to Parachute because the linen quality was so lovely: it wash and wore beautifully. It seems like this new set of sheets is different - thinner, more prone to snags. I’ve heard the color processing can make a difference? The first set I got 2 years ago was white and the new set was blush.

Sharon P. - Verified Buyer
Learning curve to linen sheets

I have been sleeping on our new linen sheets for over a week now and I am getting used to the linen wrinkle look on my bed - i like it in clothing, but I have been known to iron my pillow cases, so this is a new thing. They are soft and light, and I am going to wash and dry them again to see if they will shrink a bit more, the fitted mattress sheet is so big it is hard to keep tight on the mattress. I am headed back to the sight to order more pillow cases!

Allison M. - Verified Buyer
Nice but did not meet expectations from reviews

I do a lot of due diligence when purchasing what I consider luxury items by reading reviews. In addition, my husband has a lot of high expectations when it comes to bedding. While the clay linen sheets are pretty they are definitely not living up to the reviews for comfort and softness. I also ordered the percale sheets which had the same feel as sheets I recently purchased for the guest room for a third of the price from a big box retailer so I immediately returned them. I will keep the linen for its looks and mix with other softer sheets we own. Part of me believes that the raving about this brand has to do with influencers and Social Media and the rise of redecorating during the pandemic. I do own the linen cloud robe as well. It is very soft but again not sure if all the hype is worth it. I know they are very conscious about where, how, and what their items are made of, but so are some less expensive brands. In the end it’s about your wallet.

Dayna S. - Verified Buyer
I love. Don’t get if you own a cat.

Sadly this is a mixed review. While I love my set, I wouldn’t recommend linen sheets for those with cats. She doesn’t claw at them or anything but since the material is naturally more textured, her claw catches so easily and my brand new sheets are already covered in tiny pulls and tears. I’ve never had this experience with other material.

Olivia H. - Verified Buyer
Wanted to love it!

They are very soft and kept me cool all night but the fit was off. The fitted sheet seems to stretch through the night and ends up being too bunch. Unfortunately I had to return.

Brigit C. - Verified Buyer
New to linen

This is my first set of linen sheets. My wife and I got a full set to include fitted and top sheet, quilt and a couple sets of pillow cases. The sheets are comfy, but I wasn’t expecting all of the shedding from the new linen. We have washed the sheets a few times but still can’t even touch the sheets without being covered in lint and fuzz from the linen. For me (someone who wears a lot of black) these light colored sheets are a lint nightmare right now. It makes me actually want to avoid the bed currently. I am really hoping this quality fades with enough washes.

Spencer A. - Verified Buyer
Scratchy at first.. still waiting

Not super excited so far. After 2 washes they still aren't as soft as I was hoping for. Switched back to flannel for the rest of the winter then will try the sheets again. They also require ironing on the edges that curl up every wash cycle. Fingers crossed they come into their own in the warmer weather.

David B. - Verified Buyer
Linen Top Sheet

This is a hard review to write. The linen fabric feels wonderful. Sleeping wrapped in these sheets is pure pleasure. The problem is mostly related to fit. The sheets I received are larger than indicated in the description. I won't fault them for being too deep. I knew that when I ordered them. I just put a little effort into making sure they are well tucked in. The linen top sheet is supposed to be 96" by 105"; mine is 99" by 111". The fitted sheet is supposed to be 60" by 80"; mine is 61" by 81". (Fairly close.) The linen pillowcase fit was perfect. The top sheet almost hangs on the floor. I will most likely cut about 10" off one side and end of the top sheet and stitch a new hem. At least one other reviewer commented about the sheets snagging. I agree. I have cats and won't ban them from the bedroom. Have only been using them for about 1 month and not sure how well they will hold up. I have a fairly heavy cotton coverlet on top of the bed so the sheets are pretty well protected. I had to cover the pillowcases with a towel to protect them from the cats. The worst of the snagging disappeared when laundered. Conclusion, the weave is not dense enough. If the weave was tighter it would be more snag resistant. The big question, will I buy these again? Probably not. While the fabric feels really wonderful almost sinful the poor fit and loose weave of the fabric means I will continue searching.

Susan W. - Verified Buyer
Top sheet is too small

I orders a Cal King set and and top sheet is too small. It doesn’t tuck in. Annoying, but not so annoying that I returned but I probably won’t buy again.

Anthony V. - Verified Buyer
here's the thing...

i love parachute..i do..i'm a loyal customer and have been for a couple years...however, their gray linen sheets are not a true gray..and i wish they would change the name to match as such..they are a brown gray..i had to return mine for this reason...also..the linen sheets i have bought the past few times, actually feel thinner than the ones i bought a couple years ago..i held them up to the light (same color sheets linen coal) and there was much more light coming through the newer ones vs. the older ones..that made me feel a bit disappointed as these sheets aren't least for me..

Kelly S. - Verified Buyer