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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Feel was not what I was expecting

If you are expecting something soft to touch - buy something else. I ended up returning mine.

Elizabeth C. - Verified Buyer
Linen sheets dis-satisfied

So I'm writing you to express my concern with the quality of the Parachute linen sheets that were purchased back in 2019. I purchased these sheets under the impression they were of higher quality than most department store grade linens. That said I'm a single male that have used these sheets on a king size bed, along with other sheet sets, for 2 years now. They have always had a reasonable amount of shedding which I wasn't necessarily concerned with until now. I've always washed and dried these sheets in a Samsung washer dryer unit in cold water. Dried on sensored heat setting. Please see the attached picture of considerably worn fitted sheet. The hole appeared just today after removing from bed to launder. I am simply expressing my dis-satisfaction with these sheets considering what I paid for the set. Any feedback is welcome.


Ordered 2 sets (bottom sheets in their older/ discontinued linen fabric and top sheets in their newer linen during their pre- holiday sale. One set was actually a gift for my mom. The reviews were so good- I was shocked at how rough they ended up being. The older/ discontinued linen was slightly softer than the newer one. Overall they were pretty disappointing though. I own 2 other sets of linen sheets from 2 other similar higher end companies that are MUCH softer and lovely to sleep in. (One starts with B & ends with linen and the other sounds like Matthew.) Parachute linen sheets didn’t even come close. Not sure what happened here because other items that I have purchased from Parachute in the past (towels, percale sheets, pillow cases, duvet and pillows!) have been lovely quality. My mom has sensitive skin so I have told her not to bother with the sheets and just see if she can give them away to someone...

Wanted to love, very disappointed

While these sheets are aesthetically beautiful and relatively comfortable, I would not recommend them to a friend. My biggest complaint is that the fabric sheds - like A LOT. And not just until the first wash but constantly. I have followed the care instructions to the letter, even using a wool ball instead of dryer sheets. Still, I have had the sheets for 6 months and orange fuzz continues to litter my home and fill my dryer’s lint box after every wash. I have probably lost half of the fabric already, they are at the point that they are see-through. I’m not impressed with the quality and these sheets are becoming more of nuisance than anything else. A smaller qualm, but worth noting, is that the sheets sleep hot. Not the biggest turn off, but not what I was looking for either. I really wanted to love them, will sadly not buy again or recommend.

I'd trust the quality of snake oil over Parachute sheets

I received my order of linen sheets recently and before using them, washed them according to care instructions on the Parachute website -- washed with mild, liquid detergent in cool water and dried on low with wool dryer balls. Afterwards, I was shocked to find thread unraveling from the seams, before they've even been used! Theses are $280 sheets (for the top sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases)! The quality of this product is laughable. The last sheets I owned I bought at Target for $60 and they lasted 7 years. 

Laurel A.
Top Sheet

I loved these sheets initially and they are very comfortable, but the dyes have faded unevenly and the look as if they were bleached. I followed the care directions exactly, but their appearance is much worse than I anticipated.

Michael D.