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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Not soft enough

I was really excited to try these linen sheets. I just ordered a top sheet to try and unfortunately its not soft and comfortable but rather rough. I was really disappointed . I washed it several times but not getting any softer…will keep trying…really wanted to love this sheet!

Catherine D. - Verified Buyer
Made a mistake

I really wanted these sheets to work. I read all the reviews and I have the opposite opinion when it comes to softness. I find them to be to scratchy to sleep on. The linen duvet cover I find to be fine with other sheets on the bed. But the entire linen set is not Soft enough for me to sleep comfortably and I regret buying the sheet set. They look beautiful and I really wanted it to work. I don’t like giving negative reviews but for people with sensitive skin I would skip the linen.

Britt S. - Verified Buyer
Don’t like

Very very rough

Michael B. - Verified Buyer
They are a BUST

Would not recommend.

Russell P. - Verified Buyer

Was hoping to love these (especially for the price) but sad to say that I did not. The linen was rough and uncomfortable to sleep in. Tried them for a few days, thinking I would get used to them, but couldn't. Didn't like the thick, scratchy feel on my skin so I returned them. :(

Nikoletta M. - Verified Buyer

Washed 1 time. On my bed for 1 week and there are 2 holes in this this $110 sheet already.

Crystal P. - Verified Buyer
So itchy and rough. Actually lost sleep cause of it. Returned them the next day.

So itchy and rough. Actually lost sleep cause of it. Returned them the next day.

David H. - Verified Buyer
didn't realize

the sheets after washing twice are so rough that I got a rash on my shoulder. It took me a couple days to figure out what was going on?? I bought the expensive ones because I thought they'd be the most comfortable???? My mistake.....really disappointed.

Terry V. - Verified Buyer

The sheets are made with an awesome practice and I like the initiative of organic and sustainability behind the company. However, the quality / value of the sheets are not worth the cost. They do not fit snug on the bed (fitted sheet) and the pillowcases are silly with the halfway slit for those sleepers that flip their pillow and/or sleep with their arm under the pillow. I was super excited but had to return them- in which case Parachutes return policy and customer service was great.

Sarah S. - Verified Buyer
Not For Me

The linen sheets are like sleeping on burlap. Don't know what this appeals to people.

Blair H. - Verified Buyer