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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Shore queen linen top and fitted sheet

I purchased these sheets in the blush color last year and love them. Decided to buy in shore this year. The top sheet is about 3 to 4 inches smaller in width and length. E mailed customer service. This is a common variance on the sheets. I suggested that it should be on the website somewhere. I guess I got lucky on the blush sheets. Going forward, I will buy my linen sheets elsewhere.

Gene A. - Verified Buyer
So lovely, but still too warm for us

These are beautiful sheets and I wanted to keep them, but my husband I and felt they were still too hot. We're going to return them and try the Percale.

Shannon W. - Verified Buyer
Love Linen...a little on rough side

Great service and delivery met expectations. Product a tad on the rough side, which can be expected from linen. Over time fibers should break down and be softer to touch. Same time Potter Barns Belgium linen sheets were soft from get go and about same price.

Larry G. - Verified Buyer
Gorgeous look, Gorgeous color!!

I just can't get my skin to love the feel of linen sheets. These never got "soft". I think I would have preferred a comforter cover in linen. I'm ordering the sateen sheets next.

Danielle F. - Verified Buyer
Always love a top sheet

It should come with the set

Erica E. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable, but oversized.

Wife bought the linen sheets as a gift for Christmas after I kept talking about the ads. Super comfy, and I love the feel, but the Queen sheet set is massively oversized for our bed. We have, what I thought, was a normally sized queen platform bed. These sheets are designed for a much thicker mattress and box spring. The fitted sheet works ok, but the top-sheet hangs down to the floor on both sides and the bottom. Probably won’t purchase again unless we buy a new bed.

Michael D. - Verified Buyer
Quality sheet, but very big

Great quality sheet. However, the sheet is sized King / CA King. My sheet is on a King bed and it’s huge. It hangs a good two feet on both sides from the top of the bed.

Laura G. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable but Ripped Easily

Love the feel of the sheets! It really does make for dreamy sheets. However, about two months after we got our sheets, seams were ripping apart. We followed washing instructions, but it seems as though this is not meant to be washed weekly. Would not buy another set simply because they're expensive to have to replace after every 6-8 washes.

Susan P. - Verified Buyer
Very warm and not very soft

I was surprised by how warm this sleeps and how coarse the texture is. Maybe I had the wrong idea about linen sheets, but this is sort of the opposite of everything I was expecting. The color is nice, though.

Caryn K. - Verified Buyer
They are ok for me

Kinda a sloppy And they are warm I prefer a crisper Sheet that's cool when you get in bed. They always look really messy as though they have been on the bed for months.

Julene L. - Verified Buyer