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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Not soft at all

Not soft at all

Nicholas G. - Verified Buyer
Felt like sleeping on a burlap sack

I know they say that they'll soften as you continue to wash them, but at the price you pay I would have preferred to have them washed a few times before sending them to me to make them somewhat soft.

Eric D. - Verified Buyer


Shanaya B. - Verified Buyer
Sloppy fit after 1 night

Sloppy fit after 1 night of sleep.

Jetta T. - Verified Buyer
Did not love it. Returned it.

Too scratchy and stiff. I returned it and bought bamboo sheets instead.

Katie P. - Verified Buyer
Bad quality

Roughest linen sold for that price range. Random vendors on etsy can do better than this

Katherine L. - Verified Buyer
Stingy width

The flat sheet is not wide enough. It only hangs about one or two inches over the side. The length is fine.

Margaret T. - Verified Buyer

That’s all I need to say.

Claudia B. - Verified Buyer
Not soft!

Unfortunately, the linen feels scratchy to my skin and is not comfortable. I'll be returning them.

Leila T. - Verified Buyer
Super rough but durable

I was shocked at the rough texture of the linen sheets after hearing such good things about Parachute. I went to Pottery Barn for other errands and happened to feel their linen sheets which were MUCH softer. With that said, I do think the linen material is very durable so I returned the sheets and got the duvet cover instead. Ordered the percale sheets instead. Fingers crossed that they work!

Gianna F. - Verified Buyer