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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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My linen sheets and pillow cases

Absolutely love my linen products ,both sheets and pillowcases . They are soft and comfortable particularly after so many washes . The packaging is beautiful and I have many uses for the linen bags each item came in . My customer service couldn’t have been better . The most disappointing aspect for shopping with Parachute for me is that I am Canadian and had to pay very high duty taxes on the items I purchased . If it wasn’t for those high taxes, I would recommend the company to a number of people here in Toronto. I would purchase all my linen from this company except for the fact of the high duty taxes. If ever there is a remedy for these duty taxes ,or if they could be lowered , I’d be delighted to shop again with Parachute. Thank you

Linelle M. - Verified Buyer
Great sheet…add a full size

These sheets are all they promised. Very soft and only get better with every wash. Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is due to the full/queen size. I expect that from a budget brand. Add a regular full size or I won’t purchase again. It’s a waste of our resources and my money.

Bryon H.
So luxurious

Yet so delicate. We slept amazing in these super nice a cool. I ordered bottom sheet in white and top sheet in the gorgeous clay material, and duvet in bone. All linen. Ultimately I am returning the sheets because i don’t think they will wear well. My husband seems to be rough on things, but if i was single there’s no doubt i would have these on my bed! I already got a snag on the top sheet after one night. I have a feeling after a while it will look like the cat got to it with snags all over. Such a shame because they are so lovely, but too expensive not to hold up.

Allie B.
Blush- more like khaki

I recently purchased the linen sheet in blush. I love the sheets- repeat buyer. The blush color however doesn’t look like the color in line. It looks more like a very diluted brown than blush. I’f give the sheets a 5 but 4 for the color.

Sheds so much lint

Sheets are exactly what we were looking for, except for the fact that even after two washes they are still shedding lint everywhere. Terra-colored tumbleweeds of fluff coat the floor and have to be vacuumed up every few days. At the rate we’re going they may not be any sheet left at all soon! They are very soft.

Kathleen J. - Verified Buyer
Good quality. Need broken in.

Ordered linen fitted and top sheet in white. I've never had linen sheets but have always wanted them. I sleep hot and sweaty and have always read these are the best choice for that. They do sleep cooler and the material is thick enough to absorb sweat but they are so scratchy! Seriously like a fine grit sandpaper. They may actually be exfoliating! I only washed them once before using so I really hope they soften and break down over time.

James C. - Verified Buyer
So soft, just not holding up

I have the full sheet set (top & bottom + pillowcase) and sadly it’s just not holding up to the price tag. This is my second set of linen sheets (other brand for first set) and I’ve had them for about 1.5 years. I LOVE linen, and these had the look and feel that you want in a good set of sheets, but they have two major issues: 1. They produce an unbelievable amount of lint. I wash them no more than once a week (usually closer to two) and follow the washing instructions. But there’s just so much lint. It’s unreal. Which leads me to 2. They’re already getting threadbare. I rotate the sheets every time I remake the bed, so it’s not like they’re only being used in one spot. I started noticing it about two months ago. So overall? Sure they’re super comfy and beautiful, but for that price they should last longer than a year and a half.

Lauren C. - Verified Buyer
Clean your lint trap.

I follow the directions for washing and drying and the sheets are nice, but each time I dry them on low delicate cycle the dryer lint trap is loaded with lint. I don’t wash with anything else with them so we’ll see how long they last.

Shan P. - Verified Buyer

My husband loved the feel of the sheets in our son’s house. I immediately bought your product because of the “softness and cozy feel”. Ours are scratchy and rough. I’m told we should wash them a few times to soften them up. I’m working on it.

Julia B. - Verified Buyer
Wanted to Like These

I waited for months to purchase these sheets and finally did so because the burnt orange color is so beautiful. They were gorgeous when I first received them in the mail. It's been about 2 months with these sheets, and unfortunately they just don't seem worth the money. At first they are so rough on the skin, but like most linen they soften over time. The fitted sheet for some reason will not stay wrapped around the mattress and we wake up with the sheet somehow sliding off entirely. I also kept noticing little orange fluff everywhere around my house; when I stripped the sheets I noticed that the fitted sheet basically has shed dozens of small linen bits of fabric all over our mattress to the point it needs to be vacuumed. I'm truly surprised that folks seem to love these sheets? They've sadly been far too difficult for the price.

Kiandra C. - Verified Buyer