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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Best sheets I ever owned

These were a massive splurge for me and I agonized over which set to choose. Eventually I selected Linen because I just never had Linen sheets before, and I felt like it would be luxurious…. I was right! These are absolutely incredible. I feel like a Queen getting into bed every night! I know a top sheet is basically just a hemmed bit of fabric, but this is worth it to me, as a part of the whole set. Fitted sheet, pillow cases etc. I am quite obsessed with Parachute for my bedrooms. I also have a lovely quilt cover, and am eyeing some other items. I wish I could outfit all the beds in my home with their bedding! But I worry that once you’ve slept in sheets like this, you will never be able to go back…. So, don’t spoil your children. Enjoy these yourself. You deserve it.

Miranda G. - Verified Buyer
Love these sheets!

We've been fans of linen sheets for a while, and just bought our first set of Parachute sheets. They're great! Super breathable, light, and soft.

Nicolas L. - Verified Buyer

I have searches for all the parts and pieces of the “perfect bed” and have finally found them! I love my linen sheets so much I am recommending to friends.

Carol V. - Verified Buyer
Nice sheets

Surprisingly comfortable on hot nights. Takes a few washings to soften up. the Grey Fog color is beautiful.

jana g. - Verified Buyer


Talita M. - Verified Buyer
Lovin’ linen

I got hooked in line sheets a few years ago, and this Parachute linen top sheet meets my expectations: cozy, breathable, and sturdy. The terra color is terrific, too.

Mary M. - Verified Buyer
Never written a review before…

This is truly the greatest set of sheets I have ever slept on. My husband was very wary of linen, as was I, and we are absolutely blown away! Can’t recommend it enough. I have never slept better.

Melissa J. - Verified Buyer
Linen Sheet Luxury

I love the linen sheet, like the rest of my Parachute linen bedding. Linen just feels so soft and like pure luxury, never itchy or stiff. You can wrap your sheet around you and hit the snooze button.

Patti H. - Verified Buyer
Love these sheets!

The linen is cool and comfortable. I like that the fitted sheet has elastic on the full perimeter. The colors that the salesperson helped me select worked out great.

Beth V. - Verified Buyer
Top Sheet

I love my parachute top sheet. It's soft and light and actually fits the bed. I can't tell you how irritating it is when the fancy sheets shrink and I am struggling to make the bed. Parachute is definitely worth the investment. I can't wait until I can finish out the set.

Alexis Y. - Verified Buyer