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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Very itchy. Not what i

Very itchy. Not what i expected for 250.00$

Tammy M. - Verified Buyer
Already discolored

I ordered the Linen Top Sheet, Fitted Sheet and Pillowcases in Fog about a month ago. The color is beautiful - a light gray/blue and they are super comfortable to sleep on. However, the Fitted Sheet is already discolored. I was very careful when washing the sheets and they looked perfect when they were first put on our bed. After a week of regular use, there were already pink discoloration blotches. Now there is pale pink discoloration all over that almost looks like a heat map of where my husband and I sleep. I have no idea why the sheets are discolored already - we do not use any particularly astringent bath/body products and the discoloration is worse on my husband's side. I really loved the sheets for their color, texture and quality, but I would not purchase again as they are not holding up to what I would consider to be regular use.

Sarah P. - Verified Buyer
Way too thin

The sheets don’t have the quality found in other brands at same or lower price point. Having enjoyed Parachute towels and other items, the sheets are a disappointment.

Brian N. - Verified Buyer
Such a disappointment

These shed like crazy! I was so excited to order this sheet, along with the matching fitted sheet and pillow cases. During the first wash before use I was already getting a bad feeling - when I pulled everything out of the washer there was lint everywhere and the dryer was worse. I thought, okay, first time laundering, no big deal, it should get better with time. These sheets SHED. We were covered in lint every morning when we woke up, and I had to actually lint roll the mattress and pillows after removing before everything was coated. I am so disappointed and annoyed that I spent this much money to see no benefit in quality. I own high street linen shirts that are better quality than these sheets. The matelasse coverlet I also bought is great and I like it a lot, although it is still covered in lint. Maybe Parachutes other sheets are better (I hope so) but these linen sheets ain’t it.

Jade V. - Verified Buyer
I really wanted to love it but….

I so so wanted to love this sheet….it’s really nice until you wash it….now it pulls and leaves beads of fabric in my bed every single time. It’s really annoying and I hate to say this but it’s not worth the $$$. :(

Luke W. - Verified Buyer
Pills and stretch easily

I did a lot of research and wanted to try some linen sheets. I also LOVED this color so I decided to accept the large price tag and give them a try. After the first week of use the sheets started to pill and left orange fabric balls EVERYWHERE. At first, I didn't think it was a big deal and thought that the sheets were just new and needed to be washed a few more times and it would be okay. Its not. Please note that I wash my sheets regularly and follow care instructions. I would not recommend these sheets! I never do reviews but thought it was important to do so this time.

Tonya S. - Verified Buyer
Bummed:( Hot and Felt like Flannel

I wanted these sheets for sooooo long and waited almost a year until there was a sale, and when I received them, they were sadly not very soft and felt more like flannel sheets. I hate writing bad reviews, but I was super bummed. They were hot and felt like flannel:(

Laura P. - Verified Buyer
Sleeping on sandpaper

I’m on my 5th wash of my top sheet and unfortunately feel like I’m still sleeping on sandpaper. The sheet is rigid and uncomfortable. Ive been wanting to purchase Parachute sheets for forever and feeling disappointed

Maggie C. - Verified Buyer
Fitted sheet came with a hole

That's a lot of money to pay for a sheet that isn't even fully intact upon arrival. Won't be ordering from these guys again. Be careful folks!

Greg D. - Verified Buyer
Linen sheets

Too abrasive for my tastes.

Dan S. - Verified Buyer