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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Linen top sheet

Love the material, super soft. My only issue is it’s size. We have a Queen size bed and the sheet is a bit too big. Certainly don’t have to worry about bed buffalos for sure!

Tracy L. - Verified Buyer
So comfortable, and large!

The linen sheets are so comfortable, and only improve with every wash. They have actually improved our sleep so much and the fact they are linen really help us not overheat while we sleep. My only complaint is that they drape so long on the sides. We have a fairly thick mattress and they still drape well past the mattress. This wouldn't be such an issue except that none of our duvet covers hang that low, so even when made, our bed never really looks put together. Maybe the linen duvet they sell matches in length.

Amber B. - Verified Buyer
Top sheet is a bit

Top sheet is a bit big for my queen mattress though other top sheets are usually too small. When snugly tucked into the bottom under the mattress I still have excess material at the top. I like the organic feel of the material though sometimes it feels a little pokey in spots, have only washed it once.

Marie W. - Verified Buyer
Betting on them getting softer

Betting on them getting softer

Robert J. - Verified Buyer
Great, except for top wrinkle

I was afraid of this happening, but when I read the reviews about the linen sheets, I decided to take a chance. I'm disappointed that the top part of the sheet wrinkles so badly in the wash, and the only way to fix it is to iron it. This is a problem with linen and I was hoping Parachute had solved this problem, but it did not. That said, the sheets feel wonderful on my skin and are perfect year-round.

Gretchen Z. - Verified Buyer
The fabric is lovely, nice

The fabric is lovely, nice drape, and the indigo color is like slipping into the night sky to sleep. The top sheet does seem exceptionally large though.

Emily H. - Verified Buyer
I’m a long time of

I’m a long time of linen bedding. These sheets are nice but seem a little tougher than my previous linens. Despite this I still enjoy these sheets.

Jennifer W. - Verified Buyer
Great, but huge

Great quality, but it's way larger than "normal" queen size top sheets. Hangs outside of my duvet.

Rira J. - Verified Buyer
These sheets may take a

These sheets may take a bit of getting used to (especially if you are used to cotton), but I enjoy them. They are airy and have a unique feel to them. And I love the wrinkles!

Catherine V. - Verified Buyer
Like: We do enjoy how

Like: We do enjoy how light weight they are. Dislike: They are not as soft nor have they achieved the texture my daughters identical set had - disappointed!

Jill W. - Verified Buyer