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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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fabric seems flimsy..expected more body

fabric seems flimsy..expected more body

Gary L. - Verified Buyer
Not the Parachute Quality of 2017

I last ordered Parachute sheets in 2017, and absolutely loved them. So when holes appeared in my existing linen set, I reordered. The new sheets are thinner than the 2017 - I can see through them already, and where weakness may start small holes in the not too distant future. Holding them up to the 2017 - sheets, this is a cheaper product, with the same high price tag. Also, the fitted sheet is so loose, I'm getting tangled up in all the extra fabric when I roll over at night. Really disappointed.

Jennifer S. - Verified Buyer
Not convinced they’re worth the price

I got the linen sheets and duvet cover. They’re comfortable and keep me cool. However there’s some slight discoloration on the top sheet. And the duvet cover is rolled up at the ends and not pressed. For the price, I would not recommend. You can get something way cheaper for around the same quality. I wanted to return them but just got distracted with life.

Tradd T. - Verified Buyer
Pretty uncomfortable

Really dissapointed. The sheets aren't comfortable and fairly rough against my skin.

John C. - Verified Buyer
Very rough on the skin.

I love parachute products but these linen sheets are quite rough to the touch. I tend to roll and shift around in my sleep a lot and wake up with what feels like mild rug burns on my hips and body. Tucking the sheet into the bed frame can tend to hurt your knuckles because of the texture. I had hoped they’d have been a tad softer. Like sleeping on sand paper.

Seth H. - Verified Buyer
Very rough

I liked the look of these sheets, but even after a number of washes, they were still very rough and uncomfortable. That may be the case with all linen sheets, however, and just not for me.

Rebecca B. - Verified Buyer
I don’t really love it

I thought these sheets would be light and breathable but they are probably much better suited for colder months, and the linen texture was new for me... I didn’t know what I was in for and likely will not buy sheets like this again.

Jessica G. - Verified Buyer

The sheets are really hot—I wouldn’t buy these again.

Anna S. - Verified Buyer
Have not yet seen the product

This was my second order from Parachute, so obviously I really like the sheets. But just like last time, the order was very slow in shipping. This time I thought I was forearmed. I ordered 12 days before I had to leave the shipping address. Two days before I had to leave, I got concerned and contacted Parachute. They assured me the sheets would arrive in time. But they didn’t. So in six months when I can again collect mail, I’ll see what they sent. :( On the plus side, I’m likely to be happy. I live in the tropics on a boat, and that loose, soft yet rough weave is awfully nice.

Jo D. - Verified Buyer
It’s not soft.

Yes, breathable ... but it’s rough. I have the fitted sheet, comforter cover, pillowcases and pillow shams... completely regret spending money on sheets that don’t feel good on my skin.

Joni F. - Verified Buyer