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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Bone? Blush? Beige?

First and foremost, the sheets are incredibly comfortable and just an absolute delight to sleep in. However, the colors were definitely not what we were expecting. The bone and the blush are very similar in color, and yet they’re both so different than what we expected or what the images on the parachute website look like. If we hadn’t already washed and slept in our bone sheets, I definitely planned on reaching out about a refund or return—purely because of the color.

Pirooz P. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful Color- Too Rough

It's a nice looking sheet but felt as though it's manufactured or treated differently from the Duvet Cover and Pillowcase, which felt a tad softer in my opinion. It was hard to convince the gf to keep it.

Aaron J. - Verified Buyer
Very loose and lots of lint EVERYWHERE

I like that the sheets are cool in the hot summer, but every night they are loose and there is rust colored lint all over our bedroom (the color of the sheets). I’ve never had this happen with sheets before. It makes me wonder how much fiber we’re breathing in every night.

Kruti J. - Verified Buyer
Expected more.

Given the price point of these sheets, I was hoping for more. These sheets/pillow cases shed so much when I put them on my bed. Lint and fur balls showed up everywhere: in my hair, stuck to my mattress, followed me around the house (counters, carpets, clothes). It was a nightmare. The fabric is not as breathable as I had hoped—it was quite hot to sleep on—and fabric is truly not soft by any stretch of the imagination. Other than that, the color is great.

Asmahan M. - Verified Buyer
Love the feel but color does not last

Followed the instructions on cleaning - the color is starting to fade.

Morgan G. - Verified Buyer
Linen Sheets

This is our first experience with linen sheets. We love how they help keep us cool at night but we do find them a bit scratchy. We have only washed them twice so we hope they will soften with time. Also the edge of the top sheet has to be ironed as it comes out of the dryer very bunched up.

Charlotte C. - Verified Buyer
Sheet color

The flat sheet’s color is faded and the sheets look different shades :-/

Anel A. - Verified Buyer
Comfortable- not cotton

Tried the Linen sheets, just for a change. They are nice but not as comfortable to sleep on as cotton..

Allen G. - Verified Buyer
Top sheet faded after 1 wash

The feel and construction of the sheets are amazing. I washed them for the first time, washed all pieces in the same load so they were washed under the same conditions and unfortunately the top sheet faded drastically whereas the fitted sheet and pillow cases stayed true to color.

Laura A. - Verified Buyer
Quality has changed?

I came back to Parachute because the linen quality was so lovely: it wash and wore beautifully. It seems like this new set of sheets is different - thinner, more prone to snags. I’ve heard the color processing can make a difference? The first set I got 2 years ago was white and the new set was blush.

Sharon P. - Verified Buyer