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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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The best sheets EVER!

I am so in love with my linen sheets! I will be purchasing another set. They are AMAZING to sleep on!

Denise L. - Verified Buyer
Very cool to have a

Very cool to have a comfortable nights sleep

Kathleen C. - Verified Buyer
Great, simple sheets.

This is our second set of these sheets - they’ve lasted well and are beautifully soft. I love that we can buy a larger top sheet and smaller fitted sheet so we don’t have to fight over the sheet.

Katherine W. - Verified Buyer
Love My Parachute Linen

This is the 1st linen bed item I've ever owned. Purchased mainly because I overheat during the oven months here in KS. Now, it's all I sleep under: no extra blankets, no nothing. SOFT, not scratchy, extremely breathable, and yes, it wicks nicely. I can already tell it's going to last--ohh, probably forever. p.s.-those wool dryer balls complement these linen items nicely. Highly Recommend Parachute Linen!

Richard M. - Verified Buyer
Worth the money

I can't wait to go to bed every night because of my Parachute linen sheets. They are so comfortable! They keep me cool and feel great on my skin. Best purchase I've made in a while.

Jaclyn C. - Verified Buyer
Linen top sheet, fitted sheet and pillow shams

Linen top sheet, fitted sheet and pillow shams are what I hoped for. The comfortable, soft feel of the linen set is amazing to sleep with. They’re new, but the quality seems very good and the fit is excellent. Love the muted colors as well. I’m very pleased so far, an envision myself buying another linen set, soon

Michael O. - Verified Buyer
I was nervous at first, but...

So, this is my first time getting linen sheets. I was a little wary at first because of the price, but ultimately it's always worth it to invest in what you spend a third of your life in. At first, I was a little worried. The sheets are coarser than you might be used to if you're coming from the standard sheets you might find at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. I was afraid it wouldn't make for a comfortable bed or sleep. I'm very happy to say that after a wash, and a night of sleeping in them, these sheets have really become the most comfortable I've owned yet. Especially as someone who runs hot, the material was breathable and airy beyond what I have had before, yet delivering a good amount of heat retention as well. The sheets have felt much smoother as I've continued to sleep in them, and really now deliver a comfort surpassing the sheets I had bought before. Would definitely recommend these, especially if you can get them on sale. They may be a little pricey, but for me, they really do have something other sheets have not.

Avalon V. - Verified Buyer
best sheets ever!!!!

best sheets ever!!!!

Maren K. - Verified Buyer
Love this sheet

So soft! Beautiful natural color. Love this.

Renee R. - Verified Buyer
Cloud Sleep

I tried linen sheets for the first time. I researched the various brands and decided on Parachute. I love sleeping on linen which makes me feel fluffy and cool, and I like the Parachute brand.

Deborah B. - Verified Buyer