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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Love it

Was nervous the linen would be rough and scratchy, it’s actually on the softer side and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin; Love the color too.

Christina G. - Verified Buyer

Great color and super comfortable.

Dong B. - Verified Buyer
My son calls his new

My son calls his new mattress and bedding from Parachute “a cloud”. So soft and cozy!

Katie W. - Verified Buyer
Good sheet

Good sheet

Shane W. - Verified Buyer
Lovely, sumptuous linen

The quality of the fabric is super, soft, and the color is fabulously modern and deep.

Moon M. - Verified Buyer
Loving it

Finally got to wash and use my new linen sheets. At first I thought they were a little "rough", but they are brand new and only 1 washing. The texture is different than satin or percale which is what I'm use to. A few days pass and I begin to realize why linen is so wonderful. It's like wearing your favorite broken in cotton shirt. Soft and cozy! It's the hand of the fabric that is so soft. I like to stay in bed longer because I feel sooooo cozy! I'll be looking forward to another set of linen sheets.

Suzanne K. - Verified Buyer
Great Bedding

The Parachute linen sheets we bought feel great and sleep cool.

William S. - Verified Buyer
so soft it's so good!

i can't get enough of this linen top sheet! i bought the pillowcases with them and i will treasure this set forever. i keep washing them to reuse them only. i'm thinking of getting the matching fitted sheet so it's a complete set.

Fatima S. - Verified Buyer
so soft it's so good!

these pillowcases are sooo soft, i can't get enough. i want to only keep using them.

Fatima S. - Verified Buyer
Excellent product, color and quality!

Excellent product, color and quality!

Jeff M. - Verified Buyer