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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Simply the Best

Can't wait to sleep every night because of these sheets

Nathan G. - Verified Buyer
Why did I not know about this sooner.

My husband is a hot sleeper and I am a cold sleeper, he tosses and turns all night. We have not been happy with the traditional cotton bedding, and it has been harder and harder to not find a honest cotton. But no more this LINEN IS THE GREATEST I will never go back. Best purchase. We both enjoy our night sleep now. Thank you P.S. I got the bottom sheet also.

Jennifer R. - Verified Buyer
The best sheets.

The best sheets.

Daniel T. - Verified Buyer
New Line Sheets

My recent gift to myself at Christmas was new linen sheets from Parachute. I love them, the lightness in weight and the color (sort of pumpkin). This is not my first set of Parachute sheets. It is my third, which says it all.

Marion J. - Verified Buyer
Love everything I purchased

I love the color and quality of the fabric. This is our second time purchasing bedding and it never disappoints.

Katalina I. - Verified Buyer
The best!

The best!

Nicholas K. - Verified Buyer
Linen top sheet

Beautiful, soft, comfortable, more the ample for a full size bed.

Jacqueline S. - Verified Buyer
the best

the best sheets i've ever owned

Rachel F. - Verified Buyer

I love how soft these sheets get with more use, and how cozy and comfortable they feel! 100% worth the purchase!!

Kayla M. - Verified Buyer

I only purchase linen bedding from Parachute. Quality and Comfort.

Robin M. - Verified Buyer