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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Sleeping on a perfect linen cloud

Absolutely love our new linen bedding from Parachute. The colors are beautiful, the texture is divine, and so far they’ve worn very well. Would absolutely recommend!

Meghan D. - Verified Buyer
So soft and comfy!

So soft and comfy!

Gabriella H. - Verified Buyer
The Linen Experience

This is the first time in my life that purchased a set of Linen Sheets and I will say WOW! Although, they are expensive and a first time buyer promo would be a HUGE plus (wink, wink), they are definitely worth the price. Haha! Any person shopping for great sheets, needs these NOW. Primarily because you will want another set immediately.

Samuel S. - Verified Buyer
Linen top sheet

I love my linen sheets.. It’s a dream to go to bed with the best sheets ever. They are soft and so comfortable.

Denise B. - Verified Buyer
Never realized I needed linen in my life!

I finally decided to purchase all new bedding. I was unsure of the linen sheets. Will they be rough? Will I feel the need to iron them? I should have purchased ages ago! The most comfortable sheets and duvet ever. They are so soft and do not sleep to hot! I love them!

Sheena F. - Verified Buyer

I'm on my second set of linen sheets (Fog - a beautiful color), and will never sleep with any other sheets. They are light and airy and so comfy. Parachute customer service is the best, too.

Karen L. - Verified Buyer
Linen sheets

The Parachute sheet set is the first linen sheet set that I have had. I always heard how scratchy linen sheets are. Not these! We really love these sheets. I think that these sheets will be my forever sheets.

Kathleen h. - Verified Buyer
Linen sheets are the best!!!

Linen sheets are the best!!!

Marsha H. - Verified Buyer
Top quality linen sheets!

Got Parachute linen sheets to replace a cheaper quality linen sheet set that did not last us a year; from the start they felt thin and rougher, but never softened, just thinned. Enter Parachute linen sheet set, and oh my the difference in feel right out of the gate was astounding. They are thicker, soft from the start. They did shed a lot of lint the first few washes, but they feel great and are plenty roomy enough for our mattress. Very impressed!

Amanda M. - Verified Buyer

Can't compare to other linen sheets as these are the first we've tried, but boy do we love them. They are so comfortable and somehow always keep us the right temperature. Would highly recommend!

Elizabeth P. - Verified Buyer