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Linen Top Sheet Reviews

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Cal/king linen duvet

Wanted to love this but the “chain stitching “ was coming undone when we opened the package... for such a heavy item the stitching should be well reinforced...

Rick W. - Verified Buyer

Washed 1 time. On my bed for 1 week and there are 2 holes in this this $110 sheet already.

Crystal P. - Verified Buyer
stop asking me to write reviews

too expensive. go to tj maxx

Julie Z. - Verified Buyer
Poor quality

The linen sheets are rough and not all that comfortable to sleep on. It says it's linen but the quality is pretty poor

Wesley K. - Verified Buyer
Way over priced

These are some seriously over priced Duvet covers.

Brian W. - Verified Buyer

My girlfriend and I just moved in together and were super excited to upgrade our sheets. Unfortunately, that was not parachute. The sheets do not fit the bed, resulting in an incredibly uncomfortable bunching of the sheets. It's become a joke between her and I how excited we are to return the sheets. Good thing for that 60 day return!

Simon R. - Verified Buyer
So itchy and rough. Actually lost sleep cause of it. Returned them the next day.

So itchy and rough. Actually lost sleep cause of it. Returned them the next day.

David H. - Verified Buyer
didn't realize

the sheets after washing twice are so rough that I got a rash on my shoulder. It took me a couple days to figure out what was going on?? I bought the expensive ones because I thought they'd be the most comfortable???? My mistake.....really disappointed.

Terry V. - Verified Buyer

My husband and I did not enjoy the rough, scratchy texture of the linen sheets. I washed and dried them with wool drier balls 3 times, in hopes that they would soften. They softened a little bit, but not enough for our liking.

Lauren G. - Verified Buyer
I wrote one already....but will try again...I love linen duvet covers but for a king size bed....this was too heavy to work with.

see above

Marna D. - Verified Buyer