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Linen Supreme Bedroom Bundle Reviews

1946 Reviews

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Very disappointed

I had ordered these sheets in Linen (blush color) and was so excited as I had been looking for comfortable sheets for a while. They held up nicely over the first first few months but then ended up forming multiple holes as the sheets thin out over time. I had even followed the directions for washing to make sure they held up over time. Very disappointed as I had expected the price to match the quality. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering from Parachute again.

Only lasted two years, then ripped, got a 10% discount for my next order

I feel when one pays over $200 for a sheet set, they should last more than 2 years. I traveled for business 30% of the time, so I didn't even use them that much. When I contacted customer service, the best they could do is offer my a 10% discount for my next order. I've purchased sheets for far less from Macy's and they are still intact. WILL NOT BE PURCHASING FROM THIS VENDOR AGAIN. My advice: save your hard earned money.

Rajinder S.
Warning: These Do Not Last

We've had our Parachute linen sheets for less than two years and, despite following the provided care instructions, we had to throw away the fitted sheet today. The fibers were worn so thin that they started tearing and forming holes. Such a bummer. I've never had my bedding wear down so quickly.

Great Sheets - But Not as Durable as Advertised

I really loved these sheets when I originally ordered them and chose Parachute because of their numerous good reviews, so I felt the investment in more expensive sheets would be worth it in the long run. However, despite following all the care instructions included, my bottom sheet quickly developed a thin spot directly in the middle of the sheet. Not even two years later, it has already developed a large hole right in the middle which is only getting bigger as I continue to use it. I was very disappointed because the quality - feeling-wise - is great, however it just doesn't last long enough and, unfortunately, because Parachute does not offer a warranty on sheets, I am out of luck and will not recommend their products in the future.

Mitchell B.
Very Disappointed

We were so excited to receive the linen bedsheet set. The natural linen regulated temperature well & felt so nice. However after minimal use, gentle washing w/ little & mild detergent & extra rinse cycle the sheets developed pink & white splotches. We were so careful to protect our investment to no avail. This continued with use yet not always with every wash. Currently our expensive, “luxurious” sheets look like a poor tie-dye job. Very unappealing and embarrassing. We’re really hoping the linen doesn’t wear through next like in other reviews. Very disappointed & feel they were misrepresented for the cost.

Discoloration even after following care instructions

I really wanted to love these sheets after reading reviews and especially after spending a fortune on them. I bought two complete sets one in Blush and one in Shore. After following the care instructions fully, and only after a few cycles — they both started showing discoloration. With it being more prominent on the Shore color. Very sad.

Nice while it lasted

My sheet developed holes after 2 years. It was nice and soft while it lasted, but if I'm paying over $100 for a single sheet, I expect it to last much longer.

Dissolved after 1 year

So, I was crazy happy in love with my parachute linen pillow cases and top sheet. After 1 year, no elastic in the top sheet, which I wasn't too bothered by, but now at two years out, there's a giant hole in the sheet, and the pillowcases have all but turned to rags. I washed in warm water, delicate cycle, only washed parachute linens in a small load together, tumble or air dry. Suuuper bummer because they are really beautiful, soft, lovely sheets until one day...they are literal rags. Sad.

Made L.

The fitted sheet developed a hole a little before two years. I only used them in the summer and rotated with other sets. My older Costco set has held up better. This was the response from Parachute. . Our products are Oeko-Tex certified, making them free of harmful synthetic dyes, making them safer for you and healthier for the planet, but more prone to wear over time. We recommend rotating your bedding with another set every few weeks and between washes and replacing your sheets every 2-3 years. I did not know these would last 2 years!!!! Buyer beware

Fitted sheet has holes after washing

We got these a year ago as a wedding present. The fitted sheet is starting to get wearing holes. I am not happy with the quality- for this price the sheets should lat 3-5 years.

Garrett R.