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Linen Bed Bundle Reviews

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Better than we could have imagined!

Cleary, these are the most comfortable sheets we have ever owned. We washed the sheets before using, and yes, they were a little scratchy at first, but we gave them a chance. After another washing, we are hooked! They are soft, warm, soothing and a very comfortable weight. I believe we sleep better at night due to these amazing sheets.

Michele R. - Verified Buyer
Fog Duvet + Coal Sheets & Shams

Love my linen set, gets better with each wash. Truly the highlight of ever day is climbing in bed

Marc H. - Verified Buyer

I absolutely love my linen sheets. It’s the most luxurious feeling to sleep on them. I have a hard time to explain this feeling but my skin against the sheets makes me want to never leave my bed. The temperature is low outside. I keep the room cool for better sleep. When I slept on cotton sheets, moving round would occasionally wake me up from a feeling of cold of a new spot. With linen it doesn’t happen. They are evenly cool. I don’t get hot under my blanket and don’t feel cold moving=best sleep ever. Delivery was fast. I am very satisfied with my experience.

Irina P. - Verified Buyer
Sleeping like a Queen

I LOVE my linens. Duvet cover, Euro pillows and shams, fitted sheet and pillow cases in Fog color. I will forever be a Parachute customer. I buy Parachute because of the QUALITY and where/how it's produced. (I hope you bring cool blue colors back in the sheets. I believe they were just discontinued before I knew about y'all)

Maria S. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful texture!

So pleasant to sleep on. I love the sheets and, for me, so much nicer than cotton.

Ann W. - Verified Buyer

All the reviews on this product looked like it was bot but I pulled the trigger and bought a linen set. I've been loving it since day one, soft, comfortable than whatever I buy at in stores. Even the packaging was nice, with instructions how to clean too. My only gripe was I originally wanted the light blue fitted bed sheet however it was out of stock. All white did brightened my room and maybe it will help with my depression! Ha! but absolutely worth the buy!

Luis j. - Verified Buyer
Great Customer Service

I recently bought a Coal Venice Linen set which ended up having a defect. Parachute support promptly took care of the situation and replaced it! Top of the line customer service and and the sheets seem to be soft and sturdy so far!

Matthew P. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets

I love these sheets. At first, they felt kind of rough, which I expected because it’s linen. Now I can’t go back to regular sheets because these sheets just feel too cozy to me. I’ve been using non-fragrance detergent to wash these sheets and then I throw them in the dryer on air dry just so I can keep the texture, seems to be working great so far.

Ryan K. - Verified Buyer
Comfy and cozy

I am so happy with my linen. I have extremely bad allergies and was looking for natural bedding that would not have harmful chemical but still have the soft look and comfort I desire. I have this set in white and I am so happy. It is absolutely amazing. It fits all parameters and I feel like I’m sleeping inside a cloud.

Cathleen M. - Verified Buyer
Second set

Rather than sit in front of washer/dryer waiting I’ve gotten a second set so I can just swap! Too sad when these are not on the bed.

Teri V. - Verified Buyer