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Linen Shower Curtain Reviews

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Going crazy over Parachute!

I just received a linen shower curtain from Parachute. And I think I am Parachute addicted! Because I have ordered 3 more! The curtain is light, simple, but elegant at the same time. After using it, and enjoying its look, I have decided to buy other “curtains” and use them as covers for two sofas and a day bed. I am also thinking of trying out the curtain as a window drape! Have I gone Parachute linen shower crazy? Maybe.

Paul s. - Verified Buyer
just right

Really soft and not too heavy, so it drapes nicely and lets light in. It took me a ridiculously long time to find a shower curtain I like, and this is the best. I use it with the Parachute washable liner, which is also great.

Sarah B. - Verified Buyer
Excellent Quality

Not my first order, so not surprised. Excellent quality, beautiful color, great weight. The kind of detail that makes the room beautiful and comfortable.

Lesley N. - Verified Buyer
The Linen Shower Curtain is

The Linen Shower Curtain is perfect, just what I was looking for to complete the look of my new bathroom.

Tina F. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful and warming

This linen shower curtain looks so beautiful in our bathroom, and it brings out the warmth in our tile that we couldn't get with a white color. I adore how fantastic this looks in our newly remodeled bathroom.

Alea M. - Verified Buyer

super pretty, good quality

Rebecca C. - Verified Buyer

Looks great 👍🏻

Caleb W. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful shower curtain

This shower curtain is so beautiful and simple. I feel like everyone is trying too hard to make these crazy patterned shower curtains but this one is such a breath of fresh air- exactly what I was looking for (Thanks Parachute!). It's understated and lets the linen speak for itself, which feels so subtle and tasteful. The linen is slightly sheer (but still high quality).I love that because even with a white plastic liner behind, it allows the light from my window to shine through and that means the bathroom doesn't feel dark and the weave of the linen is especially noticeable and beautiful at certain times of the day. I do think it's quite expensive for what it is (just a simple linen shower curtain), but it's responsibly manufactured and I purchased it when it was on sale, so I don't feel like it was insanely overpriced. I was definitely embarrassed to talk over a $100 shower curtain purchase with my partner ahead of time though!

Chaz C. - Verified Buyer
Lovely shower curtain

This shower curtain is lovelier than I expected. An added feature is that it lets light through to the shower yet it is not transparen.

Janet L. - Verified Buyer
I like it

It’s cute & lets good light in, but the other person’s review about seeing the shower liner at the top between the rings is true which is disappointing

Cameron C. - Verified Buyer