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Linen Sheet Set Reviews

1946 Reviews

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Like a cloud

It’s like sleeping on a cloud! The softest fitted sheet. Highly recommend.

Sarah H. - Verified Buyer
My second one

I bought the exact same sheet two and a half years ago. Used it daily. Washed once a week and have love it. My dog loves digging and made a hole in it so this purchase is a replacement. Love Parachute linen

Aviva D. - Verified Buyer

The most wonderful sheets I’ve ever seen! Color is perfect and material is top notch.

Katie B. - Verified Buyer

The most beautiful sheets I’ve ever seen! The color is perfect and material is top notch.

Katie B. - Verified Buyer
Absolutely love it!

Beautiful, comfortable, warm and inviting!

Julia R. - Verified Buyer
Love the linen

This linen is substantial without being scratchy. It has softened with every wash and I love it. The terra cotta shaded red is lovely.

Elaine L. - Verified Buyer
Love going to bed

Find excuses to go to bed earlier since I upgraded my sheets!

Brittany N. - Verified Buyer

This color is beautiful! It matches the green and the charcoal nicely. The comfort level is amazing, I bought another set right after using the first. It's great for hot sleepers and cold sleepers. I am usually a soft sheet and soft blanket person, but there's something super special about this linen. It's not rough at all, they have gotten softer already after washing a few times. Just don't dry these on high, read the care instructions because you can make it rough. I bought the linen blanket too!

Jillian R. - Verified Buyer
Fitted sheet made of linen

Works just like a fitted sheet. Feels like linen feels like. If that’s what you’re looking for, this sheet will satisfy your needs.

Doug M. - Verified Buyer
Absolutely in love

Absolutely in love with the feel of these sheets. I usually sleep warm, and these are perfect for keeping me cool.

Roger K. - Verified Buyer