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Linen Sheet Set Reviews

382 Reviews

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Why did I even debate?!?

At 66 years I am finally learning not to debate just do it! I am so happy with the super white linen the feel on our skin (hubby loves them!), how they wash, and the look so cool!! Buying a second set immediately!

Holly O. - Verified Buyer
excedes my expectations!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

excedes my expectations!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa T. - Verified Buyer
I love this color!

Brings a subtle sophistication to the room. Great to sleep on too.

Lele d. - Verified Buyer
Fits perfect

Love the color, love the linen fabric. Feels crisp and clean but softens nicely as you sleep. My second set.

Karin C. - Verified Buyer
Linen sheets

Love the linen sheets. They are so cozy and comfortable. I love the look and the feel.

Leah N. - Verified Buyer
Great sheets

This was the first set of sheets I have ever bought for myself and I am very happy with my investment.

Kaitlin L. - Verified Buyer
So comfy

I have been struggling to slept comfortably for years. I've tried almost every kind of sheets I can find, and almost always I inevitably wake up drenched in sweat. These sheets are the first that I've found where I stay warm at night, but not sweaty. The color, and quality are fantastic. I particularly enjoy that when you move to a different area of the bed, it feels cool, like the cool side of the pillow. Very happy with my purchase!

Andrew J. - Verified Buyer
Better than we could have imagined!

Cleary, these are the most comfortable sheets we have ever owned. We washed the sheets before using, and yes, they were a little scratchy at first, but we gave them a chance. After another washing, we are hooked! They are soft, warm, soothing and a very comfortable weight. I believe we sleep better at night due to these amazing sheets.

Michele R. - Verified Buyer
Fog Duvet + Coal Sheets & Shams

Love my linen set, gets better with each wash. Truly the highlight of ever day is climbing in bed

Marc H. - Verified Buyer

I absolutely love my linen sheets. It’s the most luxurious feeling to sleep on them. I have a hard time to explain this feeling but my skin against the sheets makes me want to never leave my bed. The temperature is low outside. I keep the room cool for better sleep. When I slept on cotton sheets, moving round would occasionally wake me up from a feeling of cold of a new spot. With linen it doesn’t happen. They are evenly cool. I don’t get hot under my blanket and don’t feel cold moving=best sleep ever. Delivery was fast. I am very satisfied with my experience.

Irina P. - Verified Buyer