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Linen Sham Set Reviews

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Rough quality

rough feeling

Anish P. - Verified Buyer
Ripped after the first wash!!!

We hadn’t even used the cover. Straight out of the package we gave the duvet cover a wash before using it, following the care instructions and the duvet cover came out of the wash with a 2” tear along a seam. Please let us know if we can return or exchange this cover.

Shira B. - Verified Buyer
Cal/king linen duvet

Wanted to love this but the “chain stitching “ was coming undone when we opened the package... for such a heavy item the stitching should be well reinforced...

Rick W. - Verified Buyer
Way over priced

These are some seriously over priced Duvet covers.

Brian W. - Verified Buyer
I wrote one already....but will try again...I love linen duvet covers but for a king size bed....this was too heavy to work with.

see above

Marna D. - Verified Buyer
Donate Your Money Instead

I bought a Parachute duvet cover for a friend because she asked for one. Then I went to volunteer overseas. It dawned on me how much Parachute had made me pay for that duvet. It could have fed a family for months. Turn around and run away from this place. There is no "style" here. Style has an inner life with a conscience, which Parachute lacks. (Also, their customer service blows. I'm reviewing because their e-mail bot kept messaging me.)

Jonathan P. - Verified Buyer
The sheets are terrible

Bought the linen sheet set and duvet cover. Duvet is way too big (king) and we can't stop sweating. My boyfriend calls them "burlap" sheets. They were so expensive and not worth it.

Barbara S. - Verified Buyer
Worst purchase ever

I bought this expensive linen set with duvet cover and pillow cases in navy color and was so excited to sleep on it, but in the morning I woke up and all my sheets were blue and the comforter turned bluish and all these lint was all over my bed. This bedding set not worth the money

Very Disappointed

I purchased the linen duvet set almost a year ago in the light blue color and it has not held up well at all and for the price I am very disappointed. I even have it dry cleaned and it’s as if it’s two different colors. Both of the corner ties broke and gave way to holes and it also sheds really bad. But judging from all the reviews; I must have just gotten a bad set 😐Not worth the money at all!

Tiffany-Dawn D.

I purchased the entire linen set. It is very nice material and comfortable BUT it sheds. It sheds after 10 washes. It sheds more than my dog. I am constantly cleaning up after this duvet. I highly DO NOT recommend this product unless of course you enjoy cleaning after after a duvet cover....if that's the case then buy two!

Brian S.