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Linen Sham Set Reviews

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Sadly thin and oversized duvet cover

I really wanted to like this as much as I love the other items I purchased from Parachute (towels, cloud duvet, percale sheets), but the linen is extremely thin and the duvet cover is way too big for the matching queen duvet I ordered. I'm supremely disappointed and wonder if its a quality control issue. Parachute, please contact me if there's any way to remedy this.

Eugenia C.
Soft, luxurious but not functional

I have had this duvet cover for almost a year. The weight and feel of the fabric is excellent. I was so excited to receive and use it. About two months after receiving the duvet cover, one of the corner ties fell off. I was disappointed, but loved the look and feel of the duvet cover so much, that I just dealt with it. Now, after having it for about a year, all but one of the corner ties has fallen off, so of course the duvet inside is just constantly rolled into a ball. It's unusable unless I take it somewhere to be fixed. For this price point, it seems unacceptable to me that the duvet cover wouldn't even last a year. I have reached out to Parachute about this and haven't gotten a reply. The fabric quality deserves 5 stars, but I have to give this product 1 star since, ultimately, it just hasn't functioned for me.

Katherine S.
I hate this

We hate this duvet cover. It is oversized and the buttons always come undone. It’s like having a pile of sheets on your bed, so hard to make it look smooth.

hally w.
Inaccurate sizing

The linen duvet cover in surplus is beautiful, but unfortunately it is way too long for our duvet. Even with the ties, the duvet slips around even at the slightest movement, making it difficult to get comfortable or cozy in bed when we use this duvet cover. What a shame that we spent so much money on what we believed would be an "upgrade" from our Muji linen, only to discover that what we were paying for was the superficiality of the branding. This item is imprecisely constructed and not worth the money.

Diana N.
Ripped within six months

I liked the Parachute duvet cover up until the moment I discovered several holes from my most recent wash (I washed it with a sheet set — nothing else). Clearly demonstrates poor quality to be damaged in the wash like that.

So Sad

I really wanted to love my linen sheet set, and was so excited to try this brand that had so many great reviews. Unfortunately, I don't have much positive praise. I bought the king bottom sheet, duvet cover, pillows and shams. We have a proper down king size duvet and the duvet cover is massive, literally like a parachute. There is so much excess fabric, it's really strange (again, we have the right size of everything). At the bottom where the buttons are there is like 2-3 inches of extra fabric and when you're under the duvet and move it around, the duvet cover pulls apart from the duvet and hangs off of it. The bottom sheet is also massive, we have a pretty thick mattress, and you can tuck inches of the bottom sheet under the mattress (you really have to tuck everything in so that it lies flat, and when you sleep it bunches again). The pillows are fine and fit our king pillows, so that's good. I don't find the fabric to be that soft in comparison to other linen sheet brands. I hate giving bad reviews, but I think it's important to share.

Doesn’t last, rips and forms holes

Both linen pillowcases formed large tears and holes after 2 years. Duvet cover is on it’s 3rd year and is forming small holes along the seams. Not worth it at all


Bought duvet, pillow shams, pillows and insert for a room reno upon the recommendation of my interior designer. The pillows and insert are beautiful quality and everything I expected. The duvet cover and pillow covers, however, have been a huge disappointment. I don’t find them soft and comfortable, no matter how many times I’ve washed them. Also, it’s impossible to get them looking even lived in linen nice without ironing them. The seams and corners are always a mess. Wish we’d gone with plain old cotton instead.

Jessica M.
Little holes all over duvet cover

I was obsessed with the linen duvet cover in terra cotta and ordered it. It arrived, I washed it with the gentlest most natural detergent on delicate and did a combination of tumble drying and air drying. I put the duvet cover on my bed and noticed there are a TON of small holes all over the duvet where the white of my duvet insert shine through. I'm totally perplexed as to how something so expensive and supposedly luxurious could feel so cheap and come riddled with holes.

WAY too big

I bought the full/queen size duvet and it was about 2 feet too large for my comforter. I'm not sure what the sizing issue is because I've had many covers over the years with the same comforter, and never had this problem. I returned it and found that many other sites have dimensions for their queen linen covers, maybe there isn't one universal size for it?