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Linen Pillowcase Set Reviews

4747 Reviews

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Beware of dust

Love the look and feel of these sheets but they create so much dust the first couple of washes, it gets everywhere. Our entire room was filled with dust for a while

Dawn N. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets I’ve ever had!

Best sheets I’ve ever had!

Cheryl S. - Verified Buyer
Our favorite Bedroom Linens!

So comfortable and gorgeous colors

Phillip B. - Verified Buyer
Awesome sheets

First time linen sheet sleeper here! The top sheet is such a generous size. Quality is lovely.

Mattie G. - Verified Buyer
Lovely & comfy, as usual.

Lovely & comfy, as usual.

Morgan F. - Verified Buyer
Good sized and easy to put on.

These fitted sheets are nice with deep pockets. We have Twin XL beds and the sheets are performing nicely.

Nicole M. - Verified Buyer
My first linen sheet set

I have nothing to compare it to, as this is my first set, but I love it! As the description says, it's fit for all sleepers, any time of year. I find that to be true! I'm now interested in a linen duvet. Im a believer. Haha!

Nicole M. - Verified Buyer
The best material

Linen is one of the best materials to sleep on. It’s a tiny bit scratchy at first but after a few washes it’ll soften up. It’s luxurious and feels like an expansive hotel up in our bedroom now! It’s a deep pocket and fits our 12” mattress. Costumer service is superb as well.

Marianna B. - Verified Buyer
Love them.

Love them.

Carol C. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

I have just about everything in the ochre color and I love it. I needed more pillowcases, and even though it has been over a year since I purchased the majority of my linens, they matched perfectly. I also really love how you have the option to choose "side open" or "back envelope" style on the pillowcases. I have lots of Parachute linen bedding and love every piece!

Jana H. - Verified Buyer