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Rest Linen Mist Reviews

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Do not buy!

It’s no wonder this stuff isn’t returnable. They know it’s not good! It has virtually no smell at all. Better to make my own. Very disappointed but I am reusing the spray bottles so not a total loss.

Andrea V. - Verified Buyer
Waste of $$

I can’t imagine someone is telling the truth when they write about how this lasts longer than the second it comes out of the bottle. Total waste of money. Do not buy!

Jillian F.
Not Parachute Quality

This bottle has a beautiful light, clean and lovely scent when you put your nose to the cap HOWEVER, it does not linger at all when you spray it. I bought the bottle 1 week ago and I have already used a quarter of the bottle because I have to spray so much to get the scent in my room, which lasts all but 20 seconds. I wish I was lying but it just does not live up to Parachute expectations.

Doesn't smell

I bought the refresh linen mist after reading some of the reviews. It barely has a sent that you can't even smell after you spray it. I bought the essential quilt and I absolutely love it. I never noticed when I purchased the mist that it said final sale and that means you can't send it back. I'm am stuck with some expensive water in a bottle.

Sue C.
Barely scented

I was so excited to try this Osea/Parachute collaboration. I’m sorry to report that the scent, with is very faint, doesn’t last at all. I’ve even tried spraying a ton on my pillows and you still can’t smell a thing. So disappointed and can’t sending it back since it’s a final sale item. :-(

Pricey Water

I got the lavender scent because lavender is known for its relaxing properties. The shipment arrived really quickly, which is one thing I appreciate about Parachute. Although I love their linens and bath towels, I cannot recommend this linen spray. No matter how many pumps I shoot into the air in my room, the lavender smell does not linger for more than 3 seconds. I feel like I just dropped a twenty on water. Not worth it, and definitely not worth the price.