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Rest Linen Mist Reviews

66 Reviews

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31 (47%)
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Smells nice but doesn’t last

There is a nice mild scent to this spray but I wouldn’t buy it again simply because right after spraying on the sheets I cannot tell I’ve used this spray at all. The scent seems to disappear in less than a minute.

Anne C. - Verified Buyer
A bit light

Smells great, but I have to spray A LOT for it to be noticeable.

Kayleigh G. - Verified Buyer
I love the idea of

I love the idea of it, however, the spray mechanism in the bottle doesn’t work well and although I certainly wanted a mild fragrance, the smell was ever so light and doesn’t sustain. I’m still using it and will see if there’s an improvement. Thanks..

Kathy W. - Verified Buyer
Nothing special about it

Nothing special about it. Doesn't last very long.

Carole T. - Verified Buyer
Only 3 stars b/c I

Only 3 stars b/c I do think it is a little too light; however at first it's a lovely, calming scent.

Gretchen S. - Verified Buyer
Good not great

I was hoping this spray would leave me laying in a lavender-filled dreamscape every night, but it is just very mildly scented.

Taylor M. - Verified Buyer
It's okay

It's nice, but I wouldn't pay the price for how mild the scent is. I think the same scent can be made available in a more concentrated form that would be a lot better value.

Bala S. - Verified Buyer
Can’t smell anything

Very very subtle smell when you smell the cap but once it’s sprayed you can’t smell anything.

Steph M. - Verified Buyer
Where’s the scent?

It smells good, but not very detectable..I feel like I have to spray so much of it on my sheets or pillow cases that it soaks them completely..and if I spray less..I can’t smell but for a few seconds..too bad.

Aydee K. - Verified Buyer

I bought this based on the good reviews and the fact that it contains natural essential oils, which is important to me. The concept is good but in reality it’s just rather bland. It would be more effective and enjoyable if the essential oils were used at a slightly higher concentration. I’m definitely not looking to be knocked over by scent , but it would be nice to have it last for more than a few seconds before dispersing.

Robin H. - Verified Buyer