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Rest Linen Mist Reviews

66 Reviews

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31 (47%)
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So soothing

I really love this on my sheets and pillows! Bottle pretty too.

Fresh Scent

This linen spray makes our linens smell like they're right from the dryer! It is a bit expensive, thus the deduction of 1 star. I found the product originally 2 years ago from the brand, Osea. If you can splurge, try this out!

Angela G. - Verified Buyer
Amazing smell

I love this mist, only knocked down a star because the smell doesn't last very long. I may buy again since I love the smell, I just have to re apply to enjoy it as long as I like.

Sheri S. - Verified Buyer

The mist smells great however it does not last long on the linen. At least not on the linen that I spray it on, it could be based off the material.

Shannon N. - Verified Buyer
Pillow mist

I love the smell although it does not last very long!

Paula M. - Verified Buyer
A light but calming scent

It’s a lovely, light scent for bedtime. I do wish it lingered a little more, but maybe that’s it’s charm.

Lauren W. - Verified Buyer
love the smell, but it

love the smell, but it doesn't last long enough. I smell it when I spray it, but I don't really get the scent on the sheets.

Hope D. - Verified Buyer
I'll enjoy it, but think

I'll enjoy it, but think it's perhaps a bit to "subtle"---though I wouldn't like a heavy scent I'm sure.

Mary R. - Verified Buyer
Nice Light Scent

Beautiful light scent that unfortunately, does not last. Bottle arrived a bit scuffed as well. I will not repurchase at this price.

Sara S. - Verified Buyer
The aroma is great but

The aroma is great but feel it does not last very long after spraying my pillowcases.

Lorraine E. - Verified Buyer