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Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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love it!

love it!

Talita M. - Verified Buyer
soooo comfy

soooo comfy

Talita M. - Verified Buyer
Favorite sheets

The sheet and duvet are my favorite and I’ve owned many. So cozy. Might be a little warm during summer months but otherwise, the best linens I’ve ever owned. I plan to get more colors.

Stephanie m. - Verified Buyer

I’m not a wealthy person , I have a life that involves a lot of different energies. I thrift for clothing , I live modestly. I’m an artist that is writing the theory of reality. I like the physics of reality. I purchased three fitted sheets, three sets of king pillowcases , a duvet cover, a pillow for my 4 year old granddaughter and a baby blanket for my one month old granddaughter. I’ll be cleaning houses and selling on. Y second hand store to pay for them. True story. But these sheets remind me - the farmers that farm the stocks that water them that mill and create the linen, their days aren’t easy either, they love what they accomplish , I sleep on average less than the suggested amount so my rest is important to me, I cherish this bedding, it’s been a long ten years and I lost my son last year, sleep is my time to think- without anyone else’s needs before my own. I appreciate these sheets. I know the dedication it takes to create them. The rain the sun the soil the labor. Thank you for such a lovely exchange of energy. T

Tonya H. - Verified Buyer
Best sheets I have ever

Best sheets I have ever owned and great customer service.

Kara K. - Verified Buyer

So cooling, smooth and soft. Sheet is abundantly big for a standard mattress, thrilled to get into bed every night.

Rose M. - Verified Buyer
This was one of the

This was one of the best investments I’ve made. Sleeping on this linen feels so fresh and clean, and the quality and durability of the material is amazing

Kiara C. - Verified Buyer
Very soft, lovely pillowcases

I love these pillowcases and would also like to say that Parachute has EXCELLENT customer service. I had an issue receiving my package and they were so kind and helpful. The pillowcases are extremely soft, which sometimes isn’t the case for linen but these have a lovely texture that isn’t scratchy, it’s just soft! I’ll be buying a king fitted sheet next!

Sarah G. - Verified Buyer
Linen Fitted Sheet

Very comfy sheet. Fits my double bed perfectly and washes up very well.

patricia s. - Verified Buyer
Love these

Best pillow cases-so soft, so well made.

Elizabeth H. - Verified Buyer