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Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Do not last

I loved our parachute bedding when we got it! I will say, the quality does not last. We have had our sheets maybe 2 years, I follow the washing directions completely as directed and our fitted sheet is totally ripped because it is now as thin as can be! I only wash once a month and as directed. I would say buy less expensive ! I definitely thought these would be in my linen closet for years. Save your money!

Large hole and ill fitting

Bought these sheets in 2019 and have been nothing but disappointed. The sheets are rough on the skin, the nice oatmeal color has yellowed, they constantly come up from the sides on our normal sized casper mattress, and today we discovered a large hole in the fitted sheet. For the price we paid we expected them to last. I would NOT recommend.

Alli A.
Less than a year, huge hole!

In less than a year, with minimal washes my fitted sheet has a huge hole in it. The color was great, but ended up with a literal TON of lint everywhere all over my room in terra color. Not worth the price for less than one year of use.

Jordan H.
Decline in quality

I own 2 sets of King linen sheets from three years ago and one set already has a big hole. I've neve bleached them and only dry them on low and wash in cold water. I'm extremely disappointed; I have less expensive cotton sheets from 15 years ago that held up better. And these were the thicker Classic Linen style! I just felt he new style in store and they're flimsier- NO WAY will they hold up better.

Awful pilling all over these sheets

I read such amazing reviews of these sheets that I thought I'd splurge on an extravagant set for Christmas. It is 2 months out only and there is terrible pilling of these sheets... tons of balling of the fabric. I am really so disappointed after paying so much for this special present however I am hopeful that Customer Service will handle this concern appropriately.

Julia D.

I purchased the entire linen set. It is very nice material and comfortable BUT it sheds. It sheds after 10 washes. It sheds more than my dog. I am constantly cleaning up after this duvet. I highly DO NOT recommend this product unless of course you enjoy cleaning after after a duvet cover....if that's the case then buy two!

Brian S.
a few years later…

After a couple years of regular use and careful cleaning, the fabric has frayed beyond mending. It appears almost shredded and i’ve frankly never seen material do this after so little time. it’s been well cared for and now learning the frailty of this fiber at this thickness as a bedding material. Very disappointed as it was the most expensive duvet cover i ever purchased yet lasted for the least about of time.

A tale of Two Sheets

Bought two fitted sheets, one in a cocoa-like color and one in a light blue (fog?). The brown sheet created monster dust bunnies from day one and has since gotten very thin and ripped. The blue sheet is in great shape, and is wonderful to sleep on. Very disappointed in the difference in quality.

Not great for the money

I bought this product as part of a set for a Christmas present. It fits big on my mattress. Granted the sizes are labeled and I did a fair amount of measuring before buying but as I stated in another review some sizes are grossly incorrect. So even coming out of the dryer it still fits big and of course all the tossing and turning just makes it worse over time. It's still shedding nearly 2 months later and now a seam has ripped. I have 3 small boys and a husband who sometimes use our bed like a playground so I wasn't expecting this to last forever but come on, 2 months. The amount of money spent on this to break down so soon is absurd. I wanted to start giving start up companies a try but this was just a horrible experience all around.

Very disappointed

I am making by bed with a new set of king linen sheets, to replace the set that is a few years old. The old top sheet measures about 116" wide, the new one is about 102" - not nearly wide enough for my mattress. Moreover, the new sheets are a lot thinner than the old ones. I'd like to just roll them up and return them, we need better than this.