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Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Linen sheets are very rough. I will try once more to wash it as i heard it gets softer after every wash.

Julie A. - Verified Buyer
Super rough but durable

I was shocked at the rough texture of the linen sheets after hearing such good things about Parachute. I went to Pottery Barn for other errands and happened to feel their linen sheets which were MUCH softer. With that said, I do think the linen material is very durable so I returned the sheets and got the duvet cover instead. Ordered the percale sheets instead. Fingers crossed that they work!

Gianna F. - Verified Buyer
Nice material but scratchy

I don’t doubt the high quality of these sheets, I just find the material scratchy and not as comfortable. Maybe I mis ordered. If you like soft sheets I wouldn’t recommend.

Lucretia B. - Verified Buyer
Big Mistake

Maybe linen just isn't for me, but I'm regretting my linen bedding purchase. I've tried following all the various tips for how to care for linen, but honestly, it's just a huge hassle. This duvet always has MAJOR wrinkles. I don't just mean the normal soft wrinkly texture that linen has. I mean that I basically have to iron this king sized duvet cover every time I wash it (which is usually weekly); otherwise it's just a mess. I finally tried getting it professionally cleaned, which came out nice, but was expensive. It's now softening up a bit, but overall I find it rather scratchy.

Meredith R. - Verified Buyer
Not soft enough

I was really excited to try these linen sheets. I just ordered a top sheet to try and unfortunately its not soft and comfortable but rather rough. I was really disappointed . I washed it several times but not getting any softer…will keep trying…really wanted to love this sheet!

Catherine D. - Verified Buyer
Made a mistake

I really wanted these sheets to work. I read all the reviews and I have the opposite opinion when it comes to softness. I find them to be to scratchy to sleep on. The linen duvet cover I find to be fine with other sheets on the bed. But the entire linen set is not Soft enough for me to sleep comfortably and I regret buying the sheet set. They look beautiful and I really wanted it to work. I don’t like giving negative reviews but for people with sensitive skin I would skip the linen.

Britt S. - Verified Buyer
Destroyed after one wash

I’ve a had many linen sheets before. My first time washing these, they were completely ruined after washing. Unlike any of my previous sets, these were full of holes, along with the pillows.

Emma R. - Verified Buyer
Not really worth the money

The linen sheets are a good value because the breathable nature of linen makes a difference, but the duvet cover is not. It WILL match the sheets but otherwise cheaper material choices ( such as cotton) make more sense. My advice would be to purchase a less expensive complimentary product.

Michael W. - Verified Buyer
Don’t like

Very very rough

Michael B. - Verified Buyer
Itchy and wrinkly

We really tried but it didn’t suit our skin or lifestyle. But the Parachute store peeps were super nice and easy to do a return with.

Lynn C. - Verified Buyer