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Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Severely Disappointed

Our sheets developed holes and is thinning out all over the place. We followed the washing instructions carefully. Very poor quality control. Parachute refused to replace the sheets. What a waste of money. Barely lasted 1 year.

Very C.
White sheets turned yellow and pillowcases ripped

These linen sheets turned yellow quickly and the seams of the pillowcases ripped. My other Parachute items have held up fine but for some reasons these linen ones are not great quality.

Melissa B.
Nice but do not last

I absolutely loved these sheets for the first year. Not even two years later they have worn away to the point where I now have holes in them. I reached out to customer service explaining the issue hoping for a discount to buy a new sheet. They informed me they could not give me any sort of discount. I was really surprised these sheets didn’t last and even more surprised at the poor customer service.

These sheets last for a year and a half

I bought our first white linen fitted sheet from Parachute in April 2016. Despite rotating sheets and following care instructions, a massive hole wore into that sheet after 18 months of use. Parachute sent a new fitted sheet, which started to get holes after...18 months! Linen sheets are reputed to be durable, but Parachute's have a proven shelf life. I will buy them elsewhere.

Extremely Disappointed

I purchased a king linen fitted sheet a year ago... have loved sleeping on linen, however, the entire bottom of the sheet totally shredded. I certainly expected that I would get more than a years use out of this purchase.

Not Long-Lasting: Discoloration and Holes

We ordered the Fog Sheet Set because of all the great reviews, and although it was soft and comfortable, it did not wear well. It quickly became discolored (it turned a pinkish color) and developed holes. Customer service was responsive, but said it must be how we were caring for them. We followed the instructions on the website using a mild liquid detergent and never using any softeners or bleach. We also dried on low with wool drier balls, not drier sheets. It seems that the sheets are just not as high quality as Parachute states.

Bryan S.
Had holes within a few months of owning them

When I first received these pillow cases, I was really excited because the linen was beautiful, breathable and thick! Sadly, after owning them for a few months and even following the instructions of washing them in cold water and air drying them OCCASIONALLY they started to shred and tear with holes... I wish the linen was thicker then I would enjoy them a lot more. These pillow cases are quite expensive for only owning them a few months...

Carolina S.
Falls apart

We have had the parachute linen sheet set in white (and added a couple more pillow cases) and a linen duvet cover. They are all falling apart at the seams. These are way too expensive to not last a couple of years. Wish I would have known how poorly they hold up and thought I should spread the word. All of the positive reviews are because hey seem nice at first. But live with them as your daily sheets and see they don’t last. There is a reason they don’t have a warranty....

I Wanted To Like Them, But I SO Didn't!

Decided to treat myself to a fancy new sheet set and after reading a ton of positive reviews, settled on these. Didn't even know that linen sheets were a thing! I remembered having linen shirts as a kid and they were always so wrinkly. Thought, someone must have come up with new technology to make them less wrinkly and softer. Couldn't be the same thing, right? Wrong! Was so excited to get them, and then SO disappointed. Could not have hated them more. Felt like sleeping on burlap and all the wrinkles only made it feel worse. So, stiff and scratchy! Why is this a thing? I totally don't get it. Washed them four times in a week in the hopes that they'd soften up, but they never did. Not only that, after the fourth wash (strictly according to instructions in a front loader with no agitating arm), noticed that one of the pillow cases had developed several small holes. Are you kidding me?? At that price? Maybe in time, they would have felt like sleeping on a cloud (assuming they didn't disintegrate first), but why do I want to have to break in my sheets?? I want them to feel good right away. After a week of agony, I couldn't take it anymore and bundled them up and sent them back. But kudos to Parachute for making it easy to return them. I really wanted to like these and clearly I'm in the minority with so many positive reviews. But unfortunately, the best thing I can say about these sheets is that they make sleeping on my cheap Target clearance sheets a pleasure.

Holey Bad Quality, Batman!

Man, not to be an internet cliche, but: if I could give these zero stars, I absolutely would. I purchased a set of these sheets a little over a year ago and, despite following care instructions, they developed holes after only 18 months of use. My $39 Target sheets lasted longer and are far softer. Save your coins and skip these.

Brenna J.