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Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Well done. Beautiful colors.

Well done. Beautiful colors.

Kathryn E. - Verified Buyer
Linen bedsheets

I’m obsessed with the linen bedsheets I purchased from Parachute! They’re super soft and still feels great after having washed it once a week over the past month. They also have great customer service at the shops! Upon walking in, I was greeted by two very friendly associates that took the time to introduce the brand and give me info without being pushy. Definitely would recommend parachute to my friends and family!

Rachel C. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

These sheets are great! I much prefer the feel and quality of natural materials and these sheets are perfect! They do need to be washed prior to use in order to soften a little. And they get softer with each wash it seems! I have only had them a few months but I am hoping they last a long time. Much better than cheaper sheets if they last.

Jenna B. - Verified Buyer


Abigail T. - Verified Buyer
Never knew I'd like linen!

Perfect summer textile. Gorgeous and do comfy

Julie S. - Verified Buyer
Like your on vacation

Love these. So soft and help me stay cool. Don't know why I waited so long.

Magda B. - Verified Buyer
Love love love

Don't know why I waited so long. Sift, keeps me cool and comfortable.

Magda B. - Verified Buyer
Will never go back to cotton!

Sheets are made in heaven! Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, breathable, flowy and lightweight. A touch of luxury. Took us a couple weeks to get used to the texture of linen when we first tried them. This is my second set and will never go back!

Stacy H. - Verified Buyer

Love the quality fabrics, soft, breathable, Heaven!

Shawna N. - Verified Buyer
So cute! So soft.

So cute! So soft.

Lauren A. - Verified Buyer