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Linen Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Worst pillowcases ever

I was so excited for my new linen sheet set, and had read online reviews from other sites praising this linen brand. In less than a year of use, even after carefully following washing and drying instructions, my pillowcases ripped in places. The envelope shape is also so inconvenient because you can only sleep on one side of the pillow unless you want a thick seam in your face all night. So disappointing, especially after spending so much money.

Poor quality- don't buy Terra!

I bought the terra duvet cover a couple years ago. After just a few washes on delicate it started shedding like crazy. The last 6 month the corner ties on the inside have been falling apart/disintegrating with every wash. This was on our guest bed so it has not been washed or used very much over the years. I emailed parachute and they sent me a new one last week thankfully. When I got it, I washed it on delicate with a gentle cleanser and dried on very low heat. When I went to put it on the bed I see it's already having the same issue as the last one. The corner ties are already shedding like crazy, beginning that disintegrating process. Some of the threads are also loose. For the price I paid and how delicately I care for these I am super disappointed. I own the duvet cover in bone color also and have not had any issues so it must just be this color. I will try a different linen company next time.

Linen duvet cover - bad fit

Purchased the entire linen bed set in Nov 2022. Duvet insert, duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillowcases, and shams. -Duvet insert slides inside cover, even with corner ties tied tightly. Meaning my husband’s side would have all the blanket and I would be sleeping under just the duvet cover. This happened every night. Making the bed was always frustrating since it was impossible to center the insert in the cover. -Pillowcases extremely wrinkly and shriveled after washing. -Stretches. Fitted sheet ends up hanging off the sides after a few sleeps. -Noted no excessive issues with pilling or staining. Would not buy again. Unfortunately stuck with the duvet insert since unable to return via mail.

Unfortunately the quality doesn’t justify the price.

After about 6 months of owning my sheets they became noticeably rough to the touch and more and more wrinkled every time I would wash them. I reached out to customer service for more care information than what is listed on the site and never received a reply. Pricey mistake. I fell for the marketing. Never again.

Didn't last a year. Quality not worth the price

As soon as I got my fitted sheet (last February), soft little balls of fiber started shedding off of it. I didn't think much of it at the time, except that they were annoying to pick off of my mattress when changing the sheets. But recently I noticed that many places in the sheet were looking really thin (almost see-through), and today I noticed the sheet is now torn where it's thinnest. It's extremely disappointing that it didn't even last for a year (obviously I have other sheets, so it's not like it was in use all the time) and the duvet cover I bought at the same time sheds in the same way, so I feel like it's a matter of time for that too. When I bought these I did notice that the linen felt softer than previous linen bedding I'd bought from Parachute. That sheet is a tiny bit rougher, but always felt a bit sturdier, and it has none of the shedding/wearing issue. I would gladly trade the extra softness for sheets that actually last.

Extreme pilling

Been using two sets of linen sheets (our first) alternately for 18 months. From the beginning, the sheets pilled and lost balled up fluff constantly. Socks when worn in bed are covered in debris from the sheets. Now one fitted sheet has worn through with several rips. Too expensive to wear out so quickly!

Phoebe G.
No longevity

Our fitted sheet wore out and had a giant hole within 2 years, despite following parachute care instructions and not washing overly-frequently. For the price point I would expect a long product life span. Out pillowcases lasted longer (4 years) but overnight are now ripping into shred. Will not be purchasing any more parachute bedding products due to these quality issues.

Molly M.
Cal King linen sheets

I bought the linen sheet set with duvet cover. I want to love this product but the linen sheets pills a lot and creates dust balls all over my bed. The fitted sheets is loose and bunches in the middle of the bed. If they weren't so "linty" I would like them as they feel nice but I have to vacuum every day because it creates so much dust.

Poor Quality! Don't Get Back Envelope Style

The cases shrink so much (3-4 washes gentle cycle) that they don't even fit my standard sized pillows from Casper. The back envelope style doesn't have a button so they are bulging out everywhere. Terrible quality!

Linney K.
Don't Believe the Hype.

I ordered my sheets on July 17, 2022. I haven't had these sheets on the bed in a while because I have other sets of linen sheets I switch depending on my color mood. I can't use the fitted sheet because it's full of holes. I never use fabric softeners on my linen sheets. I wash them in cold water and line-dry them. I've had way cheaper sheets last longer. SMH.

D.Fay H.