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Linen Duvet Cover Reviews

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Not so soft

Not as soft as it claimed to be, was stiff and scratchy. Sent it back after a week.

Rebecca B. - Verified Buyer
Started falling apart after 6 months

I followed all of the care instructions (machine wash cold, tumble dry low), but it started ripping at the seams after just 6 months. I expected this to be much higher quality given the price tag. Super disappointing. Otherwise the linen duvet cover feels great and has a wonderful texture.

Emily H. - Verified Buyer
Heavy, rough, and odd shape

We bought a full/queen duvet + cover from Parachute and their sizing/shape is quite odd—it is extremely long (feet hanging on the floor!) and barely covers both sides. The linen duvet cover itself is heavier than cotton (to be expected) but the quality isn’t good. It is rough and not the type of material I want near my face. The only redeeming part are the color options available.

Leah S. - Verified Buyer

Linen sheets are very rough. I will try once more to wash it as i heard it gets softer after every wash.

Julie A. - Verified Buyer
Big Mistake

Maybe linen just isn't for me, but I'm regretting my linen bedding purchase. I've tried following all the various tips for how to care for linen, but honestly, it's just a huge hassle. This duvet always has MAJOR wrinkles. I don't just mean the normal soft wrinkly texture that linen has. I mean that I basically have to iron this king sized duvet cover every time I wash it (which is usually weekly); otherwise it's just a mess. I finally tried getting it professionally cleaned, which came out nice, but was expensive. It's now softening up a bit, but overall I find it rather scratchy.

Meredith R. - Verified Buyer
Not really worth the money

The linen sheets are a good value because the breathable nature of linen makes a difference, but the duvet cover is not. It WILL match the sheets but otherwise cheaper material choices ( such as cotton) make more sense. My advice would be to purchase a less expensive complimentary product.

Michael W. - Verified Buyer

The duvet covers and sheets are all oversized or cut wrong making for an uncomfortable sleep. The quality is nice but the fit is way off.

Patrick N. - Verified Buyer
The blush color is more beige

I love my duvet covers from parachute but I do not like this blush color. It’s more of a beige/pink. Think the color of silly putty. If you are looking for pinky blush. This isn’t it!

Lori J. - Verified Buyer
It’s not very comfortable

It’s not very comfortable

Rebeca H. - Verified Buyer
Wish I got a different duvet

Not comfy. Looks so wrinkly and messy

Rebeca H. - Verified Buyer