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Linen Duvet Cover Reviews

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Scratchy and itchy linen, poorly made

This linen cover was itchy and the material seems cheap. Online reviews show many people comparing it tears after 1 use. It doesn't look like it is going to hold up after using it for a month. Returning this one.

Esther Y. - Verified Buyer
Nice fabric but poor construction

I got the shams with the slit opening in the back and it pulls apart at night leaving a ton of baggy fabric on both ends of the pillow, resulting in it being far too oversized for the insert (which is king sized as well) and uncomfortable to sleep on just bundles of fabric (with no/minimal pillow). There were also threads pulling from the fabric after one wash.. very disappointed in this purchase.

Alexis T. - Verified Buyer
Lint lint lint

Gave off a ton of lint with the initial wash.

Christel C. - Verified Buyer
Color issue

I ordered the blush set. I received a set that look like sand and the shams and the duvet cover were completely different color from each other. So nothing like the color described on the website. I returned it.

Natalia G. - Verified Buyer
Not a fan

The color was off and they were two different sizes.

Arren G. - Verified Buyer
Not happy with it.

Just over all not as stoked on it as I was before I saw it. The color is way lighter than the photo and the Shams I got to match were different sizes. So bummed on this.

Arren G. - Verified Buyer
Duvet cover

Duvet cover was full of lint that just got everywhere as soon as it was opened. Even after several washes it still shedding lint ....

Karita K. - Verified Buyer
Too rough.

Too rough.

Sean B. - Verified Buyer
won’t stop shedding and MASSIVE

i’ve had this duvet cover for a month now and it will not stop shedding. on top of that, i bought the queen because i have a queen mattress and a queen duvet but it’s so big that the duvet is literally swimming in the cover and the duvet cover touches the bottom of the floor, it feels like i’m sleeping with all these extra sheets. i’m so surprised to not find a single review like this.

Mackenzie S. - Verified Buyer
Not soft at all!

Not soft at all!

Nicholas G. - Verified Buyer