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Heathered Bath Rug Reviews

30 Reviews

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Not just any bathmat

I never thought I would like bathmat so much. A super high quality product.

Darren F. - Verified Buyer
Super comfy on the feet,

Super comfy on the feet, when you get out of your bath or shower. Perfect thickness as well.

Steven A. - Verified Buyer
Bathroom rug

Love the color. Love the texture & quality.

Mary C. - Verified Buyer
The Bath Rug Game Has Changed

Think back to the first time you saw the picture quality of a DVD. Forevermore standard definition offended the senses. Think back to the first time you got an iPhone. It made your Palm Pilot instantly antiquated and obsolete. You will have the same visceral experience when you get this bath rug. It's the new gold standard in the genre.

Jordan G. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Plush

I'm almost afraid to use it as a bath mat because it is so nice and soft I don't want to put my feet on it. I love it.

Danielle T. - Verified Buyer
Soft, plush bath mat!

This was one of my first Parachute purchases, and I couldn't be happier. I ordered the beige and blue colors for our new house, and they are both stunning. Rich color, plush and stylish. By far my favorite purchase for our new place!

Alessandra W. - Verified Buyer
Love these!

Purchased 2 bath mats for the area by our sinks & was pleasantly surprised. They are much softer than I expected, and although they move easily I still really like them. The color is also pretty with different hues of blue in the ocean color. Do not vacuum though, this delicate material is not meant for that - wash these instead - learn from my small mistake! The price is sort of high, but I do think they are worth it. Highly recommend!

Leanna M.
Love It!

It's just what I wanted...cushy, thick, heavy, and yet pliable. It's a great color I'm very happy with it.

Lisa L.
Beautiful & soft- but too slippery on my floor.

I love this bath rug- but it didn’t work for me since my floor was too slick. There is no sticky padding or anything on the bottom & it was just too slippery for me. It was super plush, so soft.. so I was sad to return. It might be better on a less slippery floor or if you wanted to use a rug pad.

Amanda R. - Verified Buyer

The design is too light & thin. Rug constantly shuffles around the the floor when stepped on. It’s like walking on a piece of toilet paper.

Wight G. - Verified Buyer