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Fouta Stripe Towels Reviews

171 Reviews

5 stars
90 (53%)
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21 (12%)
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22 (13%)
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20 (12%)
Super towels

I like the weight of the towels. Without being bulky they dry me very thoroughly and quickly. Really like the colors, low key and fit for any bathroom.

Ramona B. - Verified Buyer
Girlfriend liked it immediately, plus

Girlfriend liked it immediately, plus it dries quickly!

Benjamin G. - Verified Buyer
Great beach towel!

Great beach towel!

Renee S. - Verified Buyer
Awesome product

At first blush, these towels appear thin, but they are the more absorbent than any I’ve ever owned. Worth every penny.

Michael M. - Verified Buyer
Great daily-use towels

With the four of us using these constantly, they are washed nearly daily and still look and feel brand new. Parachute must have worked out the kinks since there were initially some complaints about durability. These guys are very durable and pretty, even with toddler boys!

Kristina J. - Verified Buyer
Great towels

They’re great and beautiful, great service too with friendly customers service.

J. B. - Verified Buyer
Awesome 👌

Awesome towels!!!

Bill T. - Verified Buyer
Great towels even in cooler climates

I was reluctant about buying foutas because I was worried they would be too thin in the winter for our North East climate. These are thicker than a traditional fouta but still thinner than a traditional towel. We only heat our house to the mid-60s in the winter and these are plenty warm enough and super absorbent. I highly recommend!

Christie K. - Verified Buyer

Towels are soft and have a luxurious feel to them. On 3rd wash and still holding up very well.

Annemarie O. - Verified Buyer
The perfect set of towels

The perfect set of towels

Michael H. - Verified Buyer