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Fouta Stripe Towels Reviews

185 Reviews

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97 (52%)
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Well made!

Seems like a beach towel thickness, but it drys so quickly!!

Jennifer S. - Verified Buyer
Gorgeous Towels

These towels are beautiful. They are definitely a thinner towel, but they still dry just as effectively as a fluffy towel, while taking up HALF the space in the washing machine! Seriously - I purchased the bundle and I put all 6 bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths in one load and had room to spare. Seemingly great quality - I have had them for just under a month and there is no fraying or fading, so hoping they continue to hold up for years to come.

Julie J. - Verified Buyer
Love these!

Waffle will always be my first love but the Fouta is a solid second place. I really love the wash cloth, great for makeup removal too... and they look GOOD.

Tabitha B. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful and vey well made

My husband and I love these towels! High quality material and beautifully made!

Jennifer F. - Verified Buyer
Love the hemmed edges!

I love these Turkish towels and that they have hemmed edges!

Terra O. - Verified Buyer
Very nice towel!

Very nice towel!

Nancy L. - Verified Buyer
Love these towels

Love these towels

Kristen K. - Verified Buyer
Super towels

I like the weight of the towels. Without being bulky they dry me very thoroughly and quickly. Really like the colors, low key and fit for any bathroom.

Ramona B. - Verified Buyer
Girlfriend liked it immediately, plus

Girlfriend liked it immediately, plus it dries quickly!

Benjamin G. - Verified Buyer
Great beach towel!

Great beach towel!

Renee S. - Verified Buyer