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Washed Sateen Fitted Sheet Reviews

657 Reviews

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White plain Bottom sheet

The sheet pulled after a couple of months use

Joanna W. - Verified Buyer

Very thin material. It's not that soft and the individual threading started to come lose after a few nights. In the process of returning ours. I bought into all the 5 star reviews but after receiving the actual product, the raving reviews are incredibly questionable. I highly recommend looking at different brands.

Amy S. - Verified Buyer

I’ve purchased sateen that was much smoother and softer for less money. Fabric is very thin and pilling already. Not sure how long it’ll hold up. I really wanted to love this product. Feel like a fell for clever advertising.

Missy P. - Verified Buyer

I really did my research and delved deep into the luxury bedsheet world. I hemmed and hawed between Parachute, Brooklinen, Boll and Branch, etc. I chose the sateen Parachute sheets and pillowcases. I washed them according to the instructions and they are just not luxurious and aren’t even acceptable. My percale sheets from Target are nicer than these. For almost $200 I expected so much better but I never expected ROUGH sheets. Going to try another brand. Back to the drawing board now.

Linda - Verified Buyer
Pillowcase unraveled after one wash

My mom has Kmart sheets from the 70s that have held up better than this (and they’re just as soft). Unacceptable at this price point. This is the second [massively expensive] set I’ve had the exact same problem with—one pillowcase falling apart. 😑 Disappointing and annoying.

Laura S. - Verified Buyer
No top sheet

Never heard of ordering a “set of sheets” and not receiving a top sheet included

Arlene G. - Verified Buyer
Sheet ripped in less than a month

There is a large rip in the bottom of the top sheet over the edge of the mattress, and it’s been less than a month. That is an absurd occurrence with the price of this bedding and I am expecting a replacement or refund.

Tyler O. - Verified Buyer
Incomplete Sheets

I found it odd to only get a fitted sheet and pillow cases in the sheet set I ordered. At the price point I paid, I expected a complete set. First time for everything. It's been returned. The search for the perfect sheets continues...

Larua C. - Verified Buyer
Princess and the Pea

I'm very picky about my bedding. I really like beech satin sheets and thought these would be similar. Did not like these at all, unfortunately I had to return. I did love the color.

Mariah K. - Verified Buyer
Loved the set...until I didn't

I had a pillowcase rip after less than two months of use =(

Curtis G. - Verified Buyer