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Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Hole Puncture On First Use

Already starting to fray after 2 washes

Jeremiah M. - Verified Buyer

Very nicely made high quality . Reasonably soft— softer than most— but not soft enough for someone looking for softest fabric available. Maybe will soften more with further washing

Nancy F. - Verified Buyer
bunchy and wrinkled edges

I've ordered sateen because the edges of these come out of the dryer all bunchy and wrinkled.

Melissa A. - Verified Buyer
Color wearing off almost immediately.

I’m already sending back a 2 month bottom and top sheet set bc the color on the fitted sheet mostly is fading away drastically, like almost bleaching out where I lay most. I paid WAY TOO MUCH for this to be happening. Already trying another set and same thing is happening. Feels great, quality of dye is poor.

Brandon R. - Verified Buyer
Already fraying

For the amount these costs, we’ve been fairly disappointed in their durability. We held onto hope that they may soften by washing but the result was several frays and thread pulls.

Nathan S. - Verified Buyer
Not worth it

The pillow case we bought with it already faded first time we washed it and had light spots that show now. Once we wash the sheet; I am feeling it will do the same thing.

Jason V. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the money

So-so as far as soft, but their fitted sheet for a king is huge and sloppy (and we have a deep mattress). I was hoping to love them but for the cost, they were super disappointing. They’d still be disappointing at a third of the cost too.

Colleen P. - Verified Buyer
Not happy with purchase

The color faded after one wash. We also noticed bleach spots all over it.

Gabrielle K. - Verified Buyer
Not worth it

Washed one time, and spotted. Cheap set we have has never done that.

Jason V. - Verified Buyer