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Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet Reviews

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Brighter Color needed

These are quality sheets, but not that different from brookline and cultivar. So, why not make brushed cotton in ochre? I would have purchased another set if there was a more diverse range of brown tones.

Sung C. - Verified Buyer


Nicole K. - Verified Buyer
So soft

Literally amazing. I would say there is a bit more fabric for my on my queen, but still amazing.

Chrystal O. - Verified Buyer
Best Sheets Ever

Higher quality than Jersey sheets but much softer and more comfortable than the Parachute Percale sheets. I'm in love, I just wish they were less expensive!!

Samantha H. - Verified Buyer
Love these but not durable

I adore these sheets. They're so soft and feel so delightful to get into bed every night. Unfortunately, after less than a year I've already started noticing little holes in them. I don't even have them on the bed the whole time, I switch off with another sheet set every other month or so and I'm surprised they wore down so quickly. I'll be buying another set, but I'm wondering if it's worth it because it is incredibly sad that they don't last long for the price.

Great quality but packaging/presentation needs work

Firstly, I want to say the sheets are fine and very comfortable but you don't need me to tell you that because that's what everyone else is saying in their reviews, right? My only issue is the packaging in which the sheets arrive and the presentation as a whole. The sheets arrived wrapped with a ribbon, a little cardstock square that says Parachute, and then a few care instructions. Pillows, the top sheet, and the fitted sheet are all separately wrapped in plastic, and it all arrives in a thin mailbag. For that reason alone is why I give these sheets only 4-stars. Who cares about packaging and presentation, right? Well, it's just a little disappointing to treat yourself and splurge on a single bedding set that costs around $300 and receive a product that's just wrapped in plastic and thrown in a bag. To be honest, the presentation of the product does not at all feel like you just spent that much money on sheets, it even makes you question the quality if it's even as good as they say it is or worth the price tag because of how cheap it looks. I completely understand trying to keep costs at a minimum, especially shipping costs, and I'm sure most people don't care about packaging and presentation. But it's astonishing that small businesses that are struggling still make the best effort they can to make the experience of receiving their products feel special and unique.

Alex M.
Soft but be careful of tears

These sheets are very soft and comfortable. I've tried many bedding brands, and this was definitely the softest. Unfortunately, I think it's lived-in feel also makes it susceptible to tears and holes. After washing once, a couple of small holes developed. I would definitely recommend washing on a delicate setting. Ivory color was true to picture.

Jean S.

This sheet is way too big for my king mattress. I have to lift up my mattress to try and get it to tuck far underneath for it to be taut. It's pretty baggy, which is a big pet peeve of mine when making a bed. They do feel so soft and comfortable though! I just wish they fit like a glove for the price I paid.

Stephanie B. - Verified Buyer

Fine sheets. Good quality, I haven't found them to be close to worth the price so far. Oddly much too big for my queen mattress.

Joshua R. - Verified Buyer
Brushed cotton softest but discolors

I love the way these sheets feel and have two sets -one in white and recently the light gray. I’ve had them about a month and they have become discolored w Brigid has faded areas as if they were very old. I wash them normal cycle gentle detergent and line dry (dryer broken!) too expensive to fade like this. Too bad because they are amazing to sleep on

Jyllian G. - Verified Buyer