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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

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Not for me

It’s nice and fluffy, but there’s no support at all. As a stomach sleeper I would always wake up in the morning with a sore lower back. It also makes the bed look messy when “made up”. Sorry, this was not for me.

Jennifer R. - Verified Buyer
High quality, comfy. BUT!!!

High quality material. Nice, soft, breathable. Like in 5star hotels. It was over all expectations when I first tried it!!! But...there are “hollows” from two of us (with my husband) where we sleep. The filler just moved apart and there’s no filler right now under us. It happened after a month of usage. We weight 152lbs and 187lbs. So that is not ok that it happened so soon. I am going to return. I think it should not be the case after a month. Disappointed that I have to return it as initially I was so happy sleeping in it

Anna B. - Verified Buyer
There's not much to the Down Alternative Mattress Topper

The topper is thinner than I would have expected for the price and didn't do much to soften a hard mattress. I'm disappointed in the topper and will have to buy a foam pad to put underneath it.

James P. - Verified Buyer
Not impressed

While this was a great product the first few nights, after about a month it has become completely flat.

Samantha A. - Verified Buyer
Return process was painless.

Tried the alt down feather bed for a week. Found it too thin. It can be measured at 3" thick when fluffed, but compresses easily. This product will not change the firmness of your mattress. Return process was easy and painless. (Make sure you keep all of the original packaging to make it easy if you do need to return it.)

Daniel W. - Verified Buyer
Soft but uncomfortable

The inside filler moves when you lay down and mark your body, making difficult and uncomfortable to move.

Jeannette P. - Verified Buyer
Trying to love it

Love the qualilty--very sensitive to chemicals & odors and this product is mostly free of both. But less lofty than I expected, and I'm currently experiencing shoulder and hip discomfort from compression I believe (I'm a side sleeper). Purchased to counteract the effects of a newish, but probably too firm, mattress. Hoping for the best here..... Will let you know soon.

Susan J. - Verified Buyer
Sorry not for me.

The topper is well made but I don't like it at all. I bought it because my 15 years old extra firm mattress that I liked became too hard and uncomfortable to sleep in. I thought this topper would help extend it life a little longer. In fact it didn't help and made it even more uncomfortable. It's like sleeping on a medium thick duvet. It's also made my bed a lot warmer (no ventilation) which I don't since we live in Florida and the weather is hot all year round. Sadly, I have to return it

Panita N. - Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

When I put this on my bed, I was confused. I thought this would be like a mat that makes my hard mattress a little softer. I checked my order because I thought perhaps I’d ordered a duvet insert instead. This feels like a thick duvet insert. It slips all over the bed. Felt like I slept on a slippery blanket that didn’t change the feel. I don’t know how anyone sleeps on this.

Get a memory foam

This down alternative topper is comfortable but it should NOT be number one on any of the most comfortable lists of mattress toppers of 2021. It looks fluffy on bed and was a little more comfy than no topper but sounded papery when you moved around. Not a fan.

Gia F.