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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

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Not a great Product.

This topper slides all over my mattress, needs to be adjusted every morning. It's also very hot, I put an extra cotton sheet under my linen sheet to cool it down but it didn't help. I wish I bought down, or something filled with cotton.

chris s.
Lumpy, Bumpy

I loved this the very first 3 or 4 nights. Then I noticed that my bed was all lumpy and I couldn't smooth it out. I can't hide that under a comforter because I like a bed spread (the old fashioned way). Anyway, the mound kept growing down the middle of the bed, between my husband and me. I would unmake the bed (what a pain) and shake out the topper, put it back and then have to repeat every few days. This is way too much trouble. The baffles are too large, allowing the filling to shift out from under us.

Frances R.

I love parachute, all of my bedding and towels are from there. So I didn’t hesitate to buy this topper for my new bed. 4 months later it is lumpy to the point of not being able to use it. Never been washed, not sure how this happened. But this feels like a huge waste of money. Would not recommend. Wish I could return.

Worsened sleep experience on two different mattresses

After reading countless reviews and patiently waiting for this item to come back in stock, I purchased this topper last December and looked forward to its arrival. I used it on a mattress that I ordered online which ended up being too firm. My husband and I agreed this topper lost about 20% of its plushness within the first month of use and it retained an unpleasant amount of heat. A few weeks after month 1, we concluded this topper didn't help with our overfirm mattress and made things a bit worse. We removed it and stored it. In May, we ended up moving and we purchased a higher quality, new mattress (tested in person, $1000+ price point). We thought we'd give the Parachute topper another try, as we've always appreciated the plushness of hotel beds and thought this could do the trick. After another few weeks, we both had joint pain ... we thought it was the new mattress, but when we tested sleeping without the topper, the aches went away. So now, we have a bulky mattress topper we cannot use or return, taking up space because I'm reluctant to dispose of it, and reminding us of our back pain. To those considering this item ... I'd recommend you invest in a great mattress instead.

Alyssa L.
not happy

I had high hopes for this mattress topper for our queen size bed based on multiple reviews.. After a few months, the middle is bunched up (between where two people sleep), and weekly plumping sessions does not rectify the problem. It is making our bed less comfortable, not more comfortable! I think the problem is that the baffle stitching is superficial, and doesn't actually create any baffles. I would not recommend.

Barb M.