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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

658 Reviews

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505 (77%)
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48 (7%)
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Better sleep for my 12-year old

My daughter loves it, and sleeps much better (more hours) on the mattress topper.

Valentina M. - Verified Buyer
Fluffy mattress topper

Our mattress was extremely firm, causing shoulder and hip problems, as I am a side sleeper. I ordered this mattress topper and it took care of the problem. It is very soft, cool not hot, like foam can be. I highly recommend this for any mattress.

Constance G. - Verified Buyer

Finally found the perfect mattress topper. After years of foam, and gel mattress toppers that turned out to be worthless, i finally found a soft and comfortable one. Worth every cent.

Cheryl B. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

Turned a very hard, uncomfortable mattress into heaven! From tossing and turning and sleepless nights to not wanting to get out of bed! Seriously. Believe the reviews. Money well spent.

Sonya S. - Verified Buyer
Saved my back from a too-firm mattress!

This mattress topper is so comfortable and truly saved my back from a new mattress that's too firm. I have been recommending it to everyone who even hints at having sleep issues!

Madeline K. - Verified Buyer
Super Comfy

This had made my bed so much more comfy. We have a firm mattress and this made a big difference. You need to fluff it up once a week or so to keep it fluffy.

Laura M. - Verified Buyer

The topper was a great addition to our mattress. The topper is very comfortable and makes for a great night's sleep. Very happy with the purchase.

Robert K. - Verified Buyer
Thumbs Up!

It was my husband who insisted that we either had to get rid of our relatively new Saatva mattress or find some way to make it softer. I had no problem with the status quo, so did not want to buy a new mattress. I was nervous about getting a mattress topper because my husband--probably a better mate for that Princess who woke up bruised and battered having slept upon a Pea--also runs hot at night, and complains bitterly about bed clothes that make him sweat. I researched mattress toppers carefully, and chose to TRY the Parachute Down Alternative one, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Its not having straps to hold it to the mattress was almost a deal breaker, but I hoped that was a lesser evil than the flaws I saw in other toppers I was considering. Long story short: unusual for me, it seems I picked a winner! The topper softens the mattress enough for my husband and isn't too squishy for me. It seems to breathe well, and it doesn't squiggle around on the mattress, under the fitted sheet. I have been shaking out the top half of the topper each morning when I make the bed, just to prevent either of us from making too deep a permanent dent in the padding. We've had the topper for about a month; so far, so good, all the way around.

Nora P. - Verified Buyer
Perfect,I can sleep again!

Perfect,I can sleep again!

Gregory S. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping on a cloud!

Like sleeping on a cloud!

Brooke G. - Verified Buyer