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Down Alternative Mattress Topper Reviews

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Like a cloud

It’s kind of amazing to me how much of a difference this mattress-topper makes. I have pretty fancy Avocado mattress, which I found a little bit disappointing from a plushness POV. After I added this topper, my bed became the most comfortable one I’ve ever had—I can’t wait to crawl into its cloud-like softness every night. Highly recommend, and considering splurging for another one for on top of my aerobed to make guests happy.

Dorian K. - Verified Buyer

This mattress topper is saving my life on a 20 year old mattress. It's super fluffy.

Avery J. - Verified Buyer
Most Comfortable Night sleep

We haven’t slept this well in months. This adds so much comfort to your bed!

Melanie Z. - Verified Buyer


Laura W. - Verified Buyer
Super comfy!

We have a new mattress but after we stayed at a hotel and they had a plush pillow top we knew we had to make a change. Our mattress was fairly firm. Once we added this on top it was so comfy and plush! My husband did not want to spend the money but after getting it he said it was worth it. So soft!

Samantha W. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

I have been really uncomfortable during pregnancy even with pregnancy pillows and just wanted that perfect hotel soft bed. This is so wonderful! I can't believe I wasted a month looking at it before buying. I honestly can't help but smile when I get into bed now, it's so pillowy and enveloping. I bought the twin for my half of the bed and have had no issues with it moving or piling up anywhere. Highly recommend.

Margo W. - Verified Buyer
works as promised

works as promised

Michael R. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping on clouds

We bought the alternative down pillow topper for our king sized extra firm mattress. The topper created a fluffiness that feels light and airy like sleeping on clouds. It isn't overly fluffy to the point you are drowning in it. It just gives a pleasant extra softness that makes a firm mattress perfect.

Sariah H. - Verified Buyer
Wirecutter is spot on!

Great purchase for my guest room bed - which I’ve been sleeping on every night and enjoying with this additional comfort. I’ll be getting one for my bed next!

Maureen C. - Verified Buyer
On a cloud!

Super soft, comfortable and cool. Feels like I’m sleeping on a cloud!

Ajita N. - Verified Buyer