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Feather Euro Pillow Reviews

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This pillow is no joke

Dense, a little heavy, and massively comfortable, this addition to my home has been quite welcome.

Evan G. - Verified Buyer

Not quite sure how different this is from less expensive versions but I do enjoy it.

Dana E. - Verified Buyer
Better than most

This pillow is decently priced and has more down and better quality down/feathers than most other Euro feather/down pillows out there. I wish it was 28x28 instead of 26 but it’s soft, resilient and keeps its shape. I bought it for the diecufuc reason of propping my head and shoulders up in bed while I’m watching tv. I used two other pillows with it and it works very well so I’m happy overall. One of the best things about Parachute is the customer service. They really treat you well. The Silverlake store in subset has great employees who treat you well. Thanks!

Gregorio D. - Verified Buyer


Daisy A. - Verified Buyer
I hoped it would be

I hoped it would be a little squishier than it is, but maybe that's the synthetic down euro...

Jenny B. - Verified Buyer
Love it or leave it?

My husband likes his pillow. I did like mine to start, but after a few weeks it is feeling hard and lumpy. I would llke to see a pillow case that fits for them.

Terri W. - Verified Buyer
Not good

Pillows were smelly when they arrived

Samantha G. - Verified Buyer
Not good

It’s not holding it’s shape whatsoever and it’s only been a month.

Jonathan M. - Verified Buyer
description says white down and my pillow says GREY down

I receives this pillows and just put the in storage thinking that parachute has high quality products. Just open them and surprise they smell horribly and the description on this webpage is not accurate at all. They are not white down, you should put an accurate description. I cant even return them since the 90 days has passed, never trusting or ordering from parachute ever again

victoria r.
Tiny Stabs Every Night

I bought these euro stuffers with optimistic expectations because the standard down (firm!) pillows I had previously purchased from Parachute are so good. However: these are full of crunchy feathers, and the cover can't keep them in. We use them on the bed as reading pillows and every night is a horror of being stabbed by pointy little feather ends, and the subsequent pulling the offenders out and heading to the trash can. Boo. I wish I had returned them, but it only got going in earnest after the 60 days expired. Can't find any info on what the '3 yr warranty' covers. Would NOT recommend!!!