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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

388 Reviews

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278 (72%)
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24 (6%)
Love the featherbed!

We are very pleased with our Parachute featherbed topper. It’s like sleeping on clouds. It is essential to shake out the featherbed every time we change sheets to ensure that it remains evenly fluffy. Highly recommend.

Marilyn D. - Verified Buyer
Best topper ever. Period!

We love our new parachute topper. We use it with a firm avocado mattress and it’s perfect. It’s feels like a magical hotel bed! Great purchase!

Stephen G. - Verified Buyer

Very nice topper

Kristi C. - Verified Buyer
Comfort that feels luxurious

I have a very firm mattress that is in good condition so I didn't want to spend the money to replace it, but it is like sleeping on a rock! I searched online for various types of mattress toppers and decided that this one from Parachute was worth the money compared to cheaper ones. And I'm so glad I went with this one because it has made the bed comfortable again. It feels very luxurious to sink into the down cushioning and I don't get too hot (I usually kick covers off even on cold nights). My body leaves quite an indentation in the down but I just refluff the topper in the morning and good to go.

Bonnie G. - Verified Buyer
Super Comfy

I was a little nervous about the price, but then it arrived and it has been awesome and I think it is worth the price. Super comfy especially on the weekends when I stay in bed a little longer ! It goes great with my Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set so soft and comfy…. !

DANIEL M. - Verified Buyer
Great mattress topper

Adding the mattress topper made our new temperpedic much sir and comfortable. Great quality and well made. Definitely worth the price

Jeffrey M. - Verified Buyer
Almost perfect

I had had both hips replaced and have bursitis in both. This topper helps alleviate pain and helps me sleep better. What would make it perfect? Elastic straps on the corners to keep the topper in place.

Marianne L. - Verified Buyer
Amazing! comfortable, luxurious, great sleep

I replaced an older feather bed; I’ve had several and this is by far the nicest one. It’s so comfortable getting in, and stays comfortable all night long. i was having some back pain, and have been feeling much better since sleeping on this. I use it on top of a nice quality hybrid mattress that’s just a few years old. This gives comfort and softness but I still have the support of the bed.

Teri M. - Verified Buyer
This topper feels like you

This topper feels like you are sleeping on a feathery cloud. It is one of the best investments I have made in a long, long time.

Victoria L. - Verified Buyer
Great product

Great product

Ugo C. - Verified Buyer