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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

388 Reviews

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I have comforters that have more fill and support. It did absolutely nothing for my bed. I ended up returning it right away.

Tonny M. - Verified Buyer
Flattened out After three days

I am sleeping with a pillow under my hips because this item does not have enough filling. I can place one hand under the three inch topper and feel nothing except fabric in the middle. The sides are fine, but that's not where any pressure lays. The filling is simply too thin or there is not enough in each pocket/square. I'm highly disappointed and in pain.

Konstance J. - Verified Buyer
No support

It compacts once you’ve laid down on it and you have to unmake you he’d every evening to fluff it back up. I would recommend going with a new mattress or buy a foam mattress topper. Down is not a realistic material for a topper.

Avery D. - Verified Buyer
Down mattress topper

Flattens quickly. Not a good value for the price.

Lana R. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the investment

Our mattress is too firm, we were hoping to soften it up a bit. This down mattress topper did not help. For the first night, it was ok. And after that, it was flat and uncomfortable. I wanted to love it, but no luck. Will be sending it back.

Kristen R. - Verified Buyer
Not really great.

I’m not going to lie, I love Parachute, and I own many of their products but this down mattress topper doesn’t live up to the Parachute name. I don’t know if it’s not thick enough or if maybe a down mattress topper isn’t a good topper but at the end of the day I’m not happy with it. When I first get into bed it seems I’m on an amazing cloud of comfort but about 10 seconds later everything settle and sadly, I feel like I’m in a flat, thin layer of feathers that sometimes poke you. I truly wish this was a better review, but I’m hoping I’ll find something better.

Juan R. - Verified Buyer
Returned it

I originally purchased the Down Feather Bed because of all of the rave reviews, however, I did not find the bed to be as comfy as I thought it would be. I tried it for nearly a month, but decided to return it. I purchased a gel foam mattress topper for 1/3 the price and found it to be more of what I was looking for as far as comfort. I will say that Parachute has a wonderful return policy. It was nice to at least be able to try the product for up to 2 months before a decision had to be made. Sorry that it didn't work out for me.

Madeline M. - Verified Buyer
No feathes

I've had feather beds before, and was surprised at how few feathers were in it. I returned it.

William G. - Verified Buyer
Down feather bed

I’m so very disappointed. The first time you lay on it, it becomes flat and there’s a lump between my husband and I. Can you do anything for me? It was expensive. Thank you.

Sharon O. - Verified Buyer
I sent it back already

I sent it back already ،& waiting for your company to confirm it

Samar A. - Verified Buyer