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Down Mattress Topper Reviews

388 Reviews

5 stars
278 (72%)
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25 (6%)
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37 (10%)
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24 (6%)
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24 (6%)
Bed Make Over

My semi-ew temperpedic mattress is suddenly a nocturnal oasis with my new down Parachute mattress topper. It is unreal the difference. My whole new situation actually lures me to bed and slumber.

Andrew R. - Verified Buyer
Great mattress topper.

Love this mattress topper. Sleeps cool so far in the spring. Less tossing and turning at night.

Scott B. - Verified Buyer
Down topper

We love our new topper over tempurpedic bed. Feels cozier, softer a bit warmer, but not hot. Price is fraction fir the quality you get. Love it and recommend it !

Lulu D. - Verified Buyer
Very nice

It’s like sleeping in a cloud… what’s not to love?

Jessica T. - Verified Buyer
Like sleeping on a cloud.

Very comfortable. It improved my sleep greatly

Mark M. - Verified Buyer
Game changer !

Just buy it, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud

Monica D. - Verified Buyer

I was torn between this and another well known brand for feather beds. Sadly, I ordered the other brand. Way too hard!!! I returned it and ordered this. HEAVEN!! Cloudlike comfort. I suggest a little shake every day, when you make the bed. The shake is SO worth the 10 seconds it takes, for the new cloud experience when you get back in. Totally perfect.

Steven S. - Verified Buyer
Down mattress topper

Love this mattress topper! I sleep better than ever! Highly recommend this topper!

Deanna Z. - Verified Buyer

Did you even have a good night sleep without this?!

Celina J. - Verified Buyer

This topper has made my bed a dream. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Love love love it!

Megan F. - Verified Buyer