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Face Mask Set Reviews

117 Reviews

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Perfect summery masks. Thank you

Perfect summery masks. Thank you Parachute

Moira S. - Verified Buyer
Love these masks. Super breathable

Love these masks. Super breathable and comfortable. Great straps that you can tighten as needed.

Erin G. - Verified Buyer
the absolute best...

...especially for summer! material is light and breathable, thank you and the fit is better than any mask i have worn

Marlene M. - Verified Buyer
New Face Masks

Soft, cool on the face and love the light wash of color on the covers. Thank you for the donation! Stay Safe

Pamela R. - Verified Buyer

Very comfortable — breathable. I’m glad I ordered.

Norma P. - Verified Buyer
Nicely Done

These masks are perfect fit for anyone, unlike the masks that come with elastic ear loops. I guess I have a smaller face/head and I am in between a child mask and an adult mask on most sites except for this one. I can tie the straps! And I am comfortable wearing them for my eight hour shifts at work. I feel completely covered and safe!

Abrielle W. - Verified Buyer
Softest masks yet!!

Love them! I wear masks all the time and these are my favorite ones! They are adjustable, soft, wash beautiful, I just couldn’t ask for anything else, thanks a bunch for having them available!!! :)

Jane E. - Verified Buyer

I wear one to work daily and they work great. They are comfortable, stay in place and are cute (as far as face coverings go). I recommend!

Joanna C. - Verified Buyer
good fit

I was having problems with the masks that go around your ears. They were a bit tight and uncomfortable. This ties at the back of your head, so has more size flexibility. I have washed the mask and it seemed fine.

Gale G. - Verified Buyer
Mask Review

So comfortable and breathable!

Alexandra A. - Verified Buyer