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Face Mask Set Reviews

117 Reviews

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Not breathable material and tying straps in the back is dumb

Grant W. - Verified Buyer
Poorly made

A huge disappointed as I thought Parachute known for well-made bedding. The masks were poorly, unevenly, sloppily sewn together. Treads coming loose on all of them. But I needed them ASAP so I had to wear them until I got replacements.

Veanne C. - Verified Buyer

Unfortunately these masks hardly work.

Katie B. - Verified Buyer
Too Thin

The masks are way too thin to provide a good level of protection one would expect. Now I'm left with masks that are not usable. I do not recommend this item.

Carlos R.
Poor Quality

Quality is terrible; all five of our masks have now fallen apart in the wash over the past week. Also, the material varied tremendously--from one that was a lovely sheet material to the other four that were stiff, uncomfortable, and not breathable. Very disappointed.

Elizabeth S.
Not breathable!

I love that they donate a set of mask but these were not breathable at all. Every time I breathed in the mask stuck to my face. The inside layer is very uncomfortable. I love the colors and the ties but something I just can't use. Waste of money.

Not worth it

They are plain cloth masks that require you to tie them in two places. Keep slipping off. What a waste of money.

Nini L.