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Everyday Linen Quilt Reviews

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Lovely, but too delicate

I ordered this quilt is Terra and loved the look, but it's just so soft and really delicate. I was surprised, since I've had the linen duvet and sham set and the Linen Loft Quilt on my bed for two years and haven't had an issue, but the quilt feels sooo much softer and seems like it will get holes and pulls really easily. I think it would be great in a home without pets or kids, but for me it was a no-go. I was so in love with the color that I ended up ordering the Puckered Quilt instead and it seems much more durable.

Great Quality—Misleading Color

Pulling this out of the box for the first time, I thought it was exactly what I was looking for: A breathable but "cozy" summer layer for two hot sleepers to complement the rest of our Parachute linen bedding. Yes, it's wrinkly, but that's linen for you! I wanted to love it, and almost did, but it's going back because the color of this "white" linen doesn't match the rest of Parachute's linen line. I have the Linen duvet, shams, and fitted sheet, all called "White," and they match each other perfectly, a true, bright white. However, while this is also in the linen line, and also called "white," it's a much more ivory/gray color that clashes with the other whites. It's not a bad color, i just wish there'd have been some sort of name differentiator so i knew that all Parachute linen "whites" were not the same shade.


See prior review. We were excited to get some linen bedding thinking it would sleep airy and cool. Nope, it's like sleeping inside an old burla coffee sack. The fabric isn't causal looking, it's so wrinkled and climpu that it looks like it was dragged out of an old car trunk where it sat for year's damp and crusty. Wanted to love, but neither of us like this itchy quilt at all. It also is not breathable, it sleeps hotter than the other quilts. Vlor is just as pictured, not bad if you want a true earth tone.

Michelle P. - Verified Buyer
Love it, but..

We have had our quilt for a little over a year and while we absolutely love it, we are a little bummed to see it tearing at the stitching throughout the bed. I love the color, but for the price, I'm not sure I would buy it again.

Kristi L.
Wrinkles make it look sloppy

My review seems to have disappeared so I am writing it again. I wanted to love this quilt. At the the price I really wanted to love it. The feel of it is lovely and I give it two stars for that, but the look of it is not. I have tried to dry it with the wools balls (which I was told to purchase from Parachute customer service). They do nothing. I spent a full hour ironing it. It looked good for a minute. Once it is slept in, the wrinkles appear and it does not look nice or expensive. It looks like a potato sack frankly (in the putty color). Linen is very difficult material. I don't have time to iron my bed on a daily basis. I wish I could return it for a more practical material.

Cynthia L.