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Linen Box Quilt Reviews

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No warranty?

We love the quilt, but some of the stitching started coming out within weeks of us getting it. I was disappointed to read that Patachute does not offer any warranty for this product. I’ll be buying from Brooklinen next time.

EV - Verified Buyer
Nice quilt but poor customer service

Previously ordered a coverlet that hadn’t shipped after I placed the order several weeks prior. After contacting them they informed me the product was out of stock. I then asked if they had the same item in stock with a different color and they informed me they had 64 in stock. I went ahead and placed an order for the new quilt. Two weeks later my order was cancelled. I was really hesitant to to order anything else, but I did end up ordering the quilt in a different color again. Third time was a charm. However I do not think I would be repurchasing due to the headaches customer service put me through.

Nicole R. - Verified Buyer
Want to love but... poor quality?

I received the quilt, & it was everything I wanted. Color, texture, weight, everything was what I wanted. After washing according to care instructions after receipt, everything looked fine & I put it on my bed. Within the first week, I found loose threads unraveling. Considering how gentle the wash cycle was, I'm not sure how I could've possibly been any gentler. If quality was good, I'd be willing to buy over & over. Unfortunately, for the quilt to be falling apart one week in at this price point is extremely disappointing and not in line with Parachute's reputation.

Ariel C. - Verified Buyer

The quilt is beautiful and I wanted one for the last year or so. Received it and it was so light weight it feels very cheap. Target just came out with their new brand of linen bedding that is amazing and their quilt is 1/3 of the price and heavy weight and seems better made. All natural products used. I feel like I seriously wasted my money in your product.

Felicia H. - Verified Buyer
Good but with surprising issue

I got the quilt and love the weight and texture, the color is wonderful too....but within a week noticed stitching had com undone at one of the seams close to the has not yet been washed or barely used at all....its a section about 4 inches long....i have some extra grey thread and mended it myself as it seemed easier than the hassle of returning, but surprised for the price it shipped with such a quality control issue like that....its not a cheap item and should be perfect upon arrival.

Michael V. - Verified Buyer
Just picked wrong thing

I think i just picked the wrong item or wrong color or both. I wanted the folded over blanket at end of bed look.

Deborah W. - Verified Buyer

too thin and too coarse. :(

Yanping T. - Verified Buyer

I’m not really loving it, probably going to return it.

Christopher C. - Verified Buyer
Not blush

I returned this because with a color name of "blush" I expected it to be somewhat pink but it is more like a beige.

Lauren F. - Verified Buyer
Nice quality but the size is crazy.

I really wanted to keep this, but i just couldn't. The size looked huge on my queen-sized bed. The fabric hung so far over...just didn't look aesthetically pleasing.

Anne B. - Verified Buyer