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Sateen Duvet Cover Set Reviews

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Great fabric but some issues

The fabric is beautiful looking and very soft to the touch but it's so thin that when I put the shams on the pillows I was able to see right through to the pillow, and our pillows have the brand name written all across the front and back. Nobody wants to be looking at see through pillow cases, so basically I either have to return the whole duvet and sham set, or I have to go out and get new pillows. I would expect a company like Parachute would not have fabric this thin. For this price it's not an issue I expected to be having.

C S.

I've been looking for a high quality Sateen duvet cover for a week now. I checked everywhere Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Macys, etc. etc.. I decided on Parachute because of the glowing reviews and knew I wanted high quality. Here are my thoughts... my Sateen Duvet cover in "Sand" is lovely. However, it is not any more special than high quality duvet's I've seen elsewhere at lower price points. Infact, wamsutta makes sateen sheets that I think are much softer. When you add that Parachute ship time is 5-10 days, I'm just not sure what the premium price is for TBH. There is not wrong with the cover, it's fine, just not worth $170 IMO. Also, the sand looks more grey/green to me. I think of sand as having a bit more yellow tones. I'm considering returning.

Not special

I don’t get the hype honestly. The sheets are fine. Better than any generic sheets I bought at 1/4 the price? No. Also, for sheets this expensive they only have ties for the duvet on 2 corners? My duvet just bunches and swims in the cover it’s basically a flat sheet

Tessa F. - Verified Buyer
Made the fatal error of ordering this instead of regular sateen

Scratchy, uncomfortable, slides around and bunches up. I own the sateen it’s great 5 stars but this one is 2 stars on a good day. Brutally worse. I took it off and it’s staying in the closet until I find someone to donate to.

Ryan G. - Verified Buyer
nice, but not satin feeling at all

Overall, I am disappointed. The duvet itself was soft as silk and when I ordered the sateen cover to use for it, I was expecting a similar feel. Unfortunately, it feels much like cheap cotton - a bit rough and not very soft. The duvet also fits poorly, leaving a lot of bunching and loose parts after a night of sleeping and needs to be reset each day.

Stephanie M. - Verified Buyer
Something has changed

I previously had purchased the Queen sateen sheet set, a few years ago when I first heard about Parachute. I loved them, they were soft and smooth, a bit slippery with a nice sheen. When we got a king size bed, I waited a while but finally purchased another set of the same sheets from Parachute, but in a size King. With the two sets side-by-side, something has definitely changed. The new sateen sheets I most recently purchased are dry, scratchy, and feel cheap. For how much they cost I am not satisfied and wish I could have received sheets the same quality as the Queen set I purchased years ago. I still have the queen bed in the guest room so I still have the old Parachute sateen sheets on it. They are so much better than the newest king ones. Manufacturing or something must have changed :( Look elsewhere now for nice sheets.

Heather B. - Verified Buyer
Washed Sateen Duvet Cover

Very disappointed that the button holes are too small for the buttons to fit through!

Jill F. - Verified Buyer
Washed Sateen Duvet Cover & Sham Set

Love the texture and fit however disappointed that the button holes are too small for the buttons!

Jill F. - Verified Buyer
At this price, I expected more

I have purchased luxury sheets before and at less money. For nearly $500 for a duvet, flat sheet and fitted sheet, I expected a high end feel. They aren’t bad sheets but in comparison to other sheet sets I have bought these feel rough to the touch and thin. A full review will post to independent review sites like Trust Pilot

Michael R. - Verified Buyer
Expected better quality

They duvet cover is pilling and rough after two washings. Very disappointed.

Arlie H. - Verified Buyer