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Percale Duvet Cover Set Reviews

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Not as great as I hoped

I got a set of sheets and a duvet cover and shams as a gift last Christmas. I loved the pattern on the duvet/sham set. A light blue/gray stripe. The sheets are really not soft and super wrinkly after they come out of the dryer. I know it says after more washes they will soften up but that has not been the case for me. I had high hopes but I just don't enjoy sleeping on these sheets. I'm giving it 2 stars for quality of stitching and colors. Oh well.

Erin G.
Hole worn in after less than a month of use

My sheet now has a hole in it with less than a month of use without any apparent reason to wear so quickly

Pillow cases

I just want to say that as much as I like your sheets -I HATE the pillowcases. I don't really understand the design. It really makes ton sense. Please revise!!!

Claudia M.
very short lifespan

These rip within months. I've bought four of them hoping the next one will last longer. They rip so easily and I take great care with evening. I wouldn't even say the fun bed time activities justify these ripping so easily. Those activities are very vanilla. Too expensive for such a short term product


I loved, loved the linen sheets when first purchased. Light, soft (progressively softer with each wash), and so comfortable. But at this price point, I would expect a little more durability/longevity, as they became threadbare after a little over a year (only used one week a month, so washed once a month, following all care instructions given on website). I spent a lot so I was very careful with the care of them. After only 2 years they had a huge hole in 2 different places on the fitted sheet. Expected the quality to be much higher. Disappointing, to say the least.

Second time disappointed in the color first time disappointed in the quality

This is my second purchase of bedding from parachute and is the second time I have been disappointed by the color. And the first time I have been disappointed by the quality. My first purchase the coloring had grey tones that didn’t show up on the pictures and made the fabric look dingy in person. I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal but 7 months later I was still bothered by the coloring so I bought a new set, this time picking what I thought would be a neutral brown toned color. The color I received is straight purple and much darker, it looks nothing like any of the photos, to the point of wondering if I even received the right color. Disappointed is an understatement but the final straw for me was the buttons holes being sewn shut. If I didn’t have another cover to compare it to, I would question if this was normal, but the button holes are fraying and sewn 3/4 of the way shut allowing no possibility of getting the buttons through the holes. I bought a second set after being disappointed in the color from my first purchase because I liked the quality. Having the quality of the products ruined this time in addition to the large discrepancy in color has likely turned me off from making any future purchases.

Color Is Off

I purchased the new clay color and I have to say the color is wildly different from the display images. Even in direct sunlight t is a much darker muddy color than the photos would have you believe. I am pretty disappointed.


I've had these about a year now and there's already a hole in the fitted sheet. I've never had this problem with other sheets.

Laura C.
Didn't last

I loved these sheets when we first got them but they got their first hole in about a year and 2 more in about 18 months. I'm used to sheets lasting several years and this is disapointing. We never used fabric softener, dryer sheets or bleach on them. The search is still on.

Samantha C.
they're... fine

I SO wanted to love these. Most of the reviews were so glowing! Love the design and color (blush), but I expected MUCH higher quality at this price point. They felt thin and really not that soft. So disappointed!