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Cotton Duvet Protector Reviews

38 Reviews

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Pretty Great

I purchased this duvet protector to use in between my duvet insert and duvet cover while I tested out a few duvet inserts this spring. It's the only one I could find that has ties on the inside as well as loops on the outside. The sizing has worked well with the duvet insert I ended up keeping (the protector is 68x88 and my duvet insert is 68x86, so just 2 inches off). It's pretty lightweight and I'm pleased with it. I am taking one star off because the zipper feels a bit flimsy. I'm a little worried that the zipper won't hold up.

Megan R. - Verified Buyer
not thrilled

Fabric is very heavy and non-breathable, yet it's not preventing tiny down from escaping, which was the whole purpose of investing into it. It's OK, but nothing special.

Jelena K. - Verified Buyer
Barely hangs over the sides

Barely hangs over the sides of a king size bed

James C. - Verified Buyer
Line Duvet Cover not a perfect fit for the duvet

I purchased the white linen duvet cover in queen for the light down duvet insert. Both from Parachute hoping the cover would fit well instead of the duvet swimming inside the cover. Sadly they are not good fit and the duvet insert slides around to one side (I do tie the insert to the cover using the loops). Love your customer service though.

Yogita S.
Duvet Protector

The protector has a very strong chemical smell. Will not purchase again.

Reining C. - Verified Buyer
Hot and noisy

We were roasting under the new duvet, despite getting the lightweight version. The protector crinkled and is a little thick. So we took it off and now we have the heavenly duvet experience. Not sure how well it works to protect the duvet, but we’ll take our chances without it.

Elizabeth J. - Verified Buyer
It’s just okay. Expected more

It’s just okay. Expected more from this product

Jeanne D. - Verified Buyer

I love our parachute bedding! But I returned the duvet protector because it was so heavy and it had a zipper that I could feel through the linen duvet.

Lura L. - Verified Buyer