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Edged Linen Duvet Cover Reviews

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love it, very comfortable and

love it, very comfortable and looks great. Thanks

David J. - Verified Buyer
love it, looks great, very

love it, looks great, very comfortable.

David J. - Verified Buyer
Perfection in style and substance

WE are not fans of percale against our skin in our home, so I was skeptical of linen, which appears rough and textured, but is actually a dream to sleep with! We have the brushed cotton fitted sheet and pillowcases with euro shams and duvet in white edged linen. This is not only a staggeringly beautiful combination, it's absolute heaven to sleep in. I was worried about sleeping nude against the linen duvet but it is remarkably cozy in every way. It softened up in 2 washes and softens up even more just through sleeping in it through the night. People say that the linen "massages" your skin and although it's an indescribable feeling, I think it does! The duvet itself is a thing of beauty. The white with dark edges creates a bit more drama on the bed and it's the perfect accent for our bedroom.

Lauren S.
Love it but the lint is too much

Looks awesome but the lint was too much for me. I washed twice and dried four times but still linting. I was able to exchange it for Percale and happy! Please make edged duvet cover in Percale too.

Vane S. - Verified Buyer
Pretty good

I wish the bottoms of the duvet cover had ties similar to the top ends. The pockets don't do a good job of keeping the comforter in

Bala S. - Verified Buyer
Love it but came with tears

I love this design - it's so chic and the fabric is gorgeous! I was disappointed to find that it had fine tears in the linen and due to COVID was unable to return easily with the 90 days. It's fine, will keep and love, but inspect yours when you unpack!

Ugh too big for my

Ugh too big for my comforter!! Doesn’t stay in place. And not soft. Very disappointing.

Karoline X. - Verified Buyer
Tore After 4 months

It is a comfy duvet and lightweight so that kept me from giving it one star but after use of it for only 4-5 months it tore along the seam where the buttons are located. For $200 I expected a more durable product. Since the warranty is only 60 days, we are not able to exchange it. Disappointing

Brian K. - Verified Buyer
Wish for better quality seams

I love the look and the quality of the linen from Parachute, but I was quite disappointed in the quality of the stitching of this particular duvet style, and the lack of corner ties that all modern duvet covers have. At the very edge of the opening, you can see some threads that indicate that the seam is coming apart - it is obvious it will take only a couple of washings before the opening will get bigger. In general, it seems like this duvet should be stitched with more than just a single thread, it isn't made for longevity as is. I don't know if this is a one-off design that has flaws (because the sheet set that I purchased several months ago is holding up perfectly well), but I certainly can't recommend this particular duvet cover, and I'm quite disappointed.

Ksenia B. - Verified Buyer
Have had two defective duvet covers sent.

I’ve had two of these sent to me because of the tie-in straps being either sewin in shut, or there being three straps, or one strap short and the other too long to tie. Quite disappointing. Also, the second replacement one was sent to my city address and not my actual apartment. Overall experience has been upsetting.

Andrew V. - Verified Buyer